October 03, 2010

Magpies and Dances and Rich Cyber Chances

                 Poor Drawn Little Moth
           Just That Glow And That Flicker
                                 Will You Stick Or Singe?


Here's my slightly late Willow Manor dance info. I had it on draft, so have combined it with this week's MT.......

 I recently attended my first ever cyber ball. Willow - Magpie Tales creator - throws a party every year, so despite being tee-total (well, near enough) I thought I would tag along. So my shopping and date went something like this:

The dress I chose in green. It's not a colour I'm overly fond of but it does compliment my strawberry-blonde hair rather well.
I'm not big on bling usually but I'd be having a tug of war over these two - the simple and the rich:

......earrings and bracelets would be similar, also.........
 Shoes -
As I can't wear them in reality, I've gone for a younger style, somewhat strappy and glitzy. Thankfully my long, beautiful gown helped cover any heel wobbles.


I like my bags to be somewhat different - for easy recognition - as I'm always forgetting where I put them. This little number caught my attention:

My date - Australian actor Simon Baker a.k.a: The Mentalist. Well, he'd have to be to date me! That fair hair - those reckless curls - green eyes - sexy smile. I think that Aussie men are the sexiest and funniest in the world. Here's a few pictures of my Australian America-based beauty:
The Drop dead gorgeous one:

The Serious 'I-need-a-shave-one' One:
Before fame, even when he was lying in the gutter, begging, he was gorgeous:

Of course, dating someone who is in the public eye, on and off screen isn't easy, as last year's function events show. The paparazzi and glossy mags never give you peace - it was click, click, click.....everywhere we went!:

Sadly, the pressure got too much and we both parted straight after Willow Ball (him back to his champagne lifestyle and me to earth with a bump!)  I have enjoyed this experience, so thanks to Willow and her amazing imagination! See you next year with a different partner. Oh, this fame game........................


Anonymous said...

put all that together and I will take you anywhere you want to go

Toyin O. said...

Simon Baker is pretty hot.


willow said...

Wow! This fabulous dress reminds me of THE green "Atonement" dress worn by Keira Knightley! Thanks for helping make the Willow Manor Ball a smashing success! x

Helen said...

The green of your gown is beautiful and looks majestic ... love everything else you chose ESPECIALLY Mr. Simon Baker! We both chose men from down under - great minds!

kathew said...

I so enjoyed your poem and your Willow's Ball post.
Great imagination with the cyber ball!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

Jingle said...

I truly love these,
your post take my breath away...

Lena said...

Sir T - you know I'd go in a flash but if Simon heard about it......gimme a chronicle or two more and I'll think about it...!

Lena said...

Toyin - Hell, yeah!

Lena said...

Willow - missus it's a pleasure. I'm gearing for next year already...! What we doing for Xmas..?

Lena said...

Helen - we were well matched! I think he's the only man I'd get on a plane and burn myself to a crisp for......*sigh*

Lena said...

Kath - to be honest the poem was a rushed Haiku. I was still recovering from the ball!

Jingle - I am honoured. I try to be serious as often as I can.