October 16, 2010


She woke up in a dark room
Familiar all the same
It's chink of light, sent a vital invite
As fear was laying it's claim

The outlet had her puzzled
It was far up off the ground
With dimension, shape and depth
To leave a Cartesian profound

How on earth she got here
She's unable to recall
Was she pushed? Did she volunteer?
An accidental fall?

But the outside world above her
Still left it's usual mark
 Motors ticked, and music played
 A dog's excited bark

No-one answered to the cries
She mustered as she fret
Won't some-one ever hear her
In this musty oubliette?

After hours and hours of waiting
The outlet door banged open
And a little man with torch and food
Assessed how she was coping

She was so, so pleased to see him
Her eyes they brightly shone
He smiled and laid the tray down
Pushed some numbers on a phone

Before getting a chance to eat
In this cylindrical fell
He says 'Tell your mum that you're okay
You're being treated well'

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Leo said...

a kidnap story in a poetry? :-o wow.. this Magpie I didn't expect! nice take!

Mine is HERE

Brian Miller said...

oh chilling...love what you did with the pic as well...very nice magpie....

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

very mysterious and a little creepy..very good

Tumblewords: said...

Intriguing - a perfect poem!!

Stafford Ray said...

My dad was a bit like that too!
Re your son's parties... no one legged men there, all legless!

willow said...

Creepy!! And I love what you did with the image!

Karen S said...

Wow -- I didn't see this coming. Very nice story/poem.

joanny said...

Interesting, this thriller chiller of a magpie poem may need a sequel as to how she escapes or not?

nice writing,


Anonymous said...

I agree with Joanny, I want to know what happens. You can't just leave her there...

You set the scene and created the tension so well. FAB!