October 25, 2010

Forever Young

The young at heart
Shall never die old
Thousands of stories
There to be told
Living a lifetime but
Dying to see
If the heart and the hand
Will lead them to thee.

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iPodding Well Love Him.......

PrettyBoy has settled into university well. Knuckling down and gaining many female admirers. Commitment to his band and studies stops him from wanting a new girlfriend at the mo' and for a mum that's both comforting and worrying, but I guess the one-night-stand thing hasn't amounted to split hearts or condoms after 4 years so I'm trusting his bouts at the uni bar (where he can afford 3 times as much booze to your average bar) will end in the same fashion if the hormones are raging.

For now, I'm a lucky mum.  He still commutes back for his weekend job where he porters at our local hospital, as so far Glasgow jobs on offer don't pay as well. To be honest, I think he'll miss being a porter. One, for driving the little carts about the place and challenging his mates to a 'race' around the stock rooms and for listening to the gibberish  nonsense the patients come out with after theatre, as he wheels them back to the wards. Because he wears scrubs and ID, some patients reckon he's a doctor. My favourite story was when an old dear around 80 was returning to her ward. She looked at PrettyBoy and said.

"Is it over then.....?"
"That's you" he replied.
"Thank God for that......I'm getting too old for babies!"

He's not entirely sure if she was joking or it was the anaesthetic effect. Either way, he'll miss it. You get really attached to some things, don't you? But he knows he'll be moving out permanently soon. Came back with an iPod for me recently and filled it with all the favourite songs of mine he could remember. I always used to borrow his you see, on my trips to town or London. PrettyBoy is weaning me off gently, until his ultimate move. Softening the blow if you like. And he didn't need a Masters degree to figure that one out. Rossi, I know you're not gonna be that far away, but you're on the scary road to independence and that takes bigger courage than the amount I'm letting on I'll miss you. Go for it, son!


kathew said...

Love both of your posts- the poem is spot on and the update on your son warmed my heart!

umapoems said...

well written post.The videos are damn good.Enjoyed your Blog

Bee's Blog said...

Love the poem and thoroughly enjoed the post about your son. I know how that is! Sensible Mum.

Lena said...

Ah, Kath - thanks so much. Didn't think I'd have time to pop in an entry this week. Talk about last minute.....

Uma - Much appreciated. And many thanks for playing the video's to my sons' music (I love a good old rummage at sidebars on blogs, too!) especially the Casino one's as they are properly produced. Not too bad are they? Catchy little numbers!

Hi Bee - thanks for stopping by. It's nice to know there's another 'sensible' mum out there, too!

Stafford Ray said...

How could the kid fail with a mum like you!
You know when peole play that silly game of 'describe me in one word'? Yours is 'real'!

Anonymous said...

Whoa Cyndi Lauperis in the mirror. Nothing that cool ever happens w/ my Magpies. Awesome poem too!

Lena said...

Stafford - you're too kind. "Really!"

OCD - It DOES look like Cyndi. Didn't click on to the vintage miss right away......