September 26, 2010

Dramatic Aromatic

I love how life can call to us
In many different ways
How cotton feels in summer
Under lots of sunny rays

The feel of leaves against your cheek
A dwindling from the trees
When autumn Maidens wisp the winds
In tiny twisterees

The joy of Spring approaching
Picking daffodils galore
Their stalks all wet and sticky
Your wellies even more!

Then the mighty cool of Winter
The master of all seasons
Captures coloured lights and more
For lots of different reasons.

But all year round, there is one thought
That brings me straight to you
When I sniff the perfume bought for me
From 'aromatic' you..........

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Helen said...

What do you get when you combine Magpies 31 & 33 ????? Really enjoyable poetry! I can't imagine how I missed 31, but catching up? Definitely worth it!

Lena said...

Thanks Helen....! Unfortunately I haven't always got the time I'd like to enjoy Magpie more - life seems to get in the ruddy way - but I do have 31 on draft. Maybe work on it for future prompts - you never know!

Berowne said...

Clever and very enjoyable.

Lyn said...

We are given so many wonderful gifts..and scent!!

Reflections said...

The scents of the seasons expressed so well....

Nice magpie

Sam Liu said...

What a delightful Proustian poem, Lena! Amazing how a smells and sights can conjure such thoughts :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This is sweet and funny and blissful all at once! Bravo!

Prayer Girl said...

I absolutely loved this. So very romantic. Perfect.

Mine is up.


ninotaziz said...

The best scents of all, that of nature. But liquid gold is welcome anytime...

Lovely piece of work!

Doctor FTSE said...

Very romantic. Very nice!

steveroni said...

Hey Lena, this "Dramatic Aromatic" is a 'real' poem...I mean, it RHYMES!
I did not realize that was allowed any more--grin!

Thanks for dropping into my 'micro', I like them also--easy to write--on ANYTHING, Ha!

See you soon, almost time for 5PM WEDNESDAY ONE SHOT. Of course, some of those will be in book form. Yep, I'll TRY to cut back--promise!

Lena said...

Thank you all. It was a quick effort and only took me half an hour (as opposed to half a week, usually) to pen. You have over-rated me here, you kind people! lol

Lena said...

Well, Steveroni - if you cut back I'll cut back, too. But don't hold out much hope for me. Old habits and survival methods and all that.*smile*

Everyday Goddess said...

true for me too, some of my most beloved memories involve the scent of that moment. lovely magpie!

kathi harris said...

Great magpie.

Ed Pilolla said...

very fun! i like how you ended it with a strong sense of smell.

Doctor FTSE said...

I like your rhymed poem here. Very well done.
The form you commented on in my blog . . . "little hat or boat" is called the "Etheree" Very simple. First line has one syllable, then one more syllable in each successive line until you get to 10 lines/10 syllables.
Rhymes and slant rhymes not mandatory. Works best if you see the 55 syllables as 5 pentameters + 5 syllables.
That helps the rhythm.

Stafford Ray said...

Nice to see an ode to Trev!
And I have entered this lovely word into my personal dictionary: (tiny) "twisterees".