April 17, 2014

Kelpies, Kisses , Kerri and Kin

Tonight, after 10 months, sees the grand opening of  The Kelpies - the latest new landmark to hit Central Scotland.   It is in conjunction with a new canal extension and land transformation of a family park to be named  The Helix.

The Kelpies name reflects the mythological creatures (similar to a sea horse)  possessing and enduring the strength of 10 horses or more.   It is also in respect to the working horses of the past that the Scottish industry and economy heavily relied on, especially canal tow horses.                                 

These huge guys, from artist Andy Scott, are 30 metres high, made of structural steel and cladding and will be lit up in random colours every night.   Opening too, is a visitor centre where learning, posh coffee and over-priced trinkets can be purchased.

  Sadly, we couldn't make the firework-laden celebration tonight (way  past Horlicks time ) but my baby daughter and her hubby, who were up on a visit, went with us to see them a few days ago.  Unfortunately access to view the horses face on was restricted still but the snaps aren't too bad!

But no matter how many pieces of horsey-artistic sculpting go up all over Scotland, no one will please me more than Glasgow's Duke Of Wellington With Traffic Cone - respectfully
crowned by drunk uni students every weekend.  The sight is so popular now that you can buy souvenirs, clothing and jewellery in tribute to it.  My tee-shirt's in the post! 

Tattie Bogle!

Photos top to bottom
Son-in-law James with my Hairy Hillwalking Hubby * Daughter Kerri with James * Me and me daughtah (from The Kerri Vine Series) * The Kelpies side on * Duke of Wellington statue P



anne marie in philly said...

the poor duke - he's being disrespected! but we would do that in philly, given the opportunity! :)

CountryDew said...

I have heard of the kelpies legends before.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

The cone suits him well!

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Very interesting post :)
Nice blog !

auntiegwen said...

We saw that this weekend, we drove from South Queensferry through to Glasgow, they're very impressive