April 22, 2014

A Sure Wet Bet

A fun day's not a fun day lest it's pouring down with rain,
no flow looks more appealing than one gushing down  the drain.
Brollies will defy you, wind will take your breath away -
forced in one direction,  jelly legs and disarray!

No point in any picnic, no dry spot in the park
these raindrops meaning business, won't let up till after dark.
Children getting dragged along to buy a wet balloon
while dad's asking directions to the nearest town saloon.

Stalls have given up the ghost, and packed away their goods,
eyes with dripped mascara peeking underneath their hoods
Entertainers cancelled, no sailing ships on sale,
handing out free steaming cups of horrible sea kale.......

You can always guess the weather to this annual event,
where wind and wetness rule supreme -  truly heaven sent.
Some say it's pure ironic that everyone gets wet -
it kind of sells itself it's message:   'Fun Day for the Sea Cadets!'



Jon said...

A delightful ode to a rainy day! Ironically, it rained all day on Easter here in west Texas (and we almost NEVER get rain).

I love the video of the cat putting on the bunny hat. Truly amazing!

Sue said...



Kathe W. said...

Caught the purple kite with the two ties on the string! Fun!

Maggie Jean said...

Oh, so good. ; )

^.^ said...

... me love the rain ... after 5 months of winter ... so love the rain ... Always, cat.

Tess Kincaid said...

Giggle...I love the dad trying to find the saloon...

~T~ said...

Sea kale? Horrid, indeed!
Fun take on a not-so-fun day.