February 18, 2014

No Exit

                                                                  Keep a look out for the little - or large - edits in the picture!

Down the rusty stairs of shame
Deceit so sweet time and again
A backstreet place, alone and lairy
Spiderwebbed and ordinary

A little flat of dreary hue
Perfects a hidden rendezvous
Where darkness lures and instincts shove
Against that lowly lamp of love

Its walls provide and  shutters shelter
Sliding down guilt's helter skelter
Can't escape and don't know why
Relentless needing to comply

Secrecy unleashed on silk 
As nurturing as mother's milk
Will not erase the fool in thee
When home alone and she with he

A multitude of neon signs
Pulsates the exits of the mind
And let exciting fears ferment 
To pay the price before the rent?



Kathe W. said...

ouch- rusty stairs of shame....and the last line says it all.
Well done!

Catfish Tales said...

Wow - brilliant. You got me right there, watching, waiting, expecting all the decadence concealed within the stair webbed walls.

Other Mary said...

Oh, this is so very smartly written Helena. I really like it.

Katherine said...

This was great ... so well written and perfectly rhymed!

Belva Rae Staples said...

Wow!!! This one's a keeper!

Little Nell said...

Very enjoyable; great rhythm and some standout phrases like 'guilt’s helter skelter’. The last line packs a real punch.

Helen said...

Love the scene you painted for us ...

Anna May said...

Wow! very emotive, and great use of pattern.

rel said...

a titillating back street rendezvous; love it!