February 13, 2014

♥ Love Is In The Heir ♥

I've got this yearly commitment of sending a certain someone a card on 14th February.  No - this lady of latter years won't be buying her hubby a Valentine's Card.  Oh, no!  The card is for another man - our handsome, oldest son -  for it was Valentine's Day that Ross/PrettyBoy came into the world.   It's nuts fighting the queue's of the loved-up & losers with their hearts and roses and stuff just to purchase a burpday card!  But he's
worth it!

And now on the other wuvvy son side!  I was ever so glad to find out that GingerJesus/Adam is back in regular touch with HIS first love.    I know you shouldn't judge, pick, or comment on your offsprings' choice in gf/partners, but welcome them as best you can and be there to pick up the emotional pieces if it goes wrong.   But I was soooo excited to learn that he and Tierney - who met each other at a cute 15 - had gone for a meal one night,  then stopped over the next.  Old flames reignited!   They drifted apart after a while due to education, work and family commitments.  But life's more settled for them now.  I love this girl to bits and know they couldn't be better suited. Bubbly, sweet, funny, hard working, pretty and kind are but a few of her qualities.   Don't get me wrong - I've welcomed any other date or two he's brought back but I'm so hoping love truly is in the future air again for them!

Ending now, on a bit of a puzzler.  On passing a charity shop today, in the window besides hearts, roses, confetti and stuff, were two large-framed pictures with a real bride and groom posing sweetly.    The era for the snap, judging by the style, looked like an 80's or early 90's happy couple and they certainly didn't tick the pearly boxes a picture-perfect appearance snap a studio would use!   Now, I'm not always the sharpest pencil in the box but it had me wondering as to what was actually on sale here and why.   Was it to draw attention to the rather majestic frames surrounding the photo?   Maybe reject items of an in-law who'd at last got her baby back?   Recovered from a skip?   And what was the 'today' story of the smiley couple.   I know when my first marriage went tits up, most of the wedding snaps were cursed, torn, binned or darted at.   I almost went into the shop out of mere interest.  Aha!  Maybe that's the lure-you-in strategy bit?   Whatever the reason I still felt it a bit strange, and sensed a kind of sadness about it.

Whatever your romantic notion may be, have a Happy Valentines Day.   And to some, just have a Happy Friday.   I know I'll be giving a graphic account of how, 25 years ago, a certain young fop caused me great pain, near splitting me in two, and turned me into a sweating, panting, growling, abusive demon for 10 hours!   Before or after he blows out the candles....? We'll see! 



Jenny Woolf said...

I know what you mean about old wedding photos. Well, at least if they are in a charity shop. Oh dear. Same in a way with wedding dresses although goodness knows what people do with them otherwise!
How nice that you have the gift of a special person to celebrate on Valentines! and hope it's a good day for you.

Jon said...

I couldn't think of a nicer day for a child to be born - and I couldn't think of a nicer gift than a Valentine card from a loving mother.
Have a happy day!

Geo. said...

What a delightful post! And a Valentine's Day birth, no less. Our oldest boy was born on Labor Day. You think their generation just has a strange sense of humor? Best wishes!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy Birthday to Ross!! And that's so awesome about Adam and Tierney :)

Catfish Tales said...

We don't even celebrate Valentines Day in Holland. It's sort of sad in a way, relief in others. It was supposed to be my birthday too, but I was late. Best wishes to your son! Such a happy day to be born. :)