January 10, 2014

Some Dearly Departed.....and Some Not Quite

My heart goes out to a neighbour today.  On passing his house, there are a few signs that he has returned home.  Some may have heard of the Glasgow tragedy involving a police helicopter crashing into the Clutha Bar last November, killing 10 people.  We knew the pilot's father, Mr Traill, quite well, as he regularly brought his two Collie dogs to our park for exercise and fun.  All the kids loved the dogs, Digger and Rambo, and often joined in play with them.  This is tragedy enough, but 3 years earlier, he lost his younger son to cancer.  It's the initial words, after the sympathy cards are taken down, that I'll struggle with.

In saying that - let me tell you of another happening at a recentish death.  My older son's partner, Carlene, returned from the funeral of a family friend, clutching a programme.  The planned hyms were popular, speeches fitting, and I think 'Ole Blue Eyes even had an airing.  The only hiccup was the photo on front of the cards wasn't of the deceased.

Carlene's mum, the best friend of the dearly departed,  organised the keepsake tribute cards, taking in a favourite picture of her and her best friend to the printers and somehow 'someone' got it wrong.  Maybe it was grief, panic, hurry, whatever.....it was certainly a clanger of the major sort.  However, copies were retrieved and all in all it was considered something the best friend would find very funny.  And yes, I couldn't help but giggle, too!  But I swear - if Metallica in some way, shape, or funny form find their to my last stand, I'll haunt the guilty one All Nightmare Long......!




Jenny Woolf said...

I'm so very sorry for this man, to lose two children like this. I hope he has other family to console him. It's good to talk to people who have been bereaved, but he must hardly know what he wants to say himself. Just being there for him will probably help.

Lucky Lady said...

very sad to lose someone but to lose two is even more sad prayers for the man

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh this is so so sad. My prayers and thoughts are with him :(

musicwithinyou said...

What a sad tragedy for this man to endear. One of the men in that crash came from the town I live in. I didn't know him but a friend of mine knew his mother. They just buried him a couple of weeks ago. They gave him a well deserved memorial.
Prayers for all those who was effected by this.

cube said...

That poor man and his family. The loss of two sons is more than anyone should carry.