January 07, 2014

My Toon


Just a quick poem that takes me back to my youthful, old town roots.  It's not ALL from actual memory and stories...*ahem*

'Come unto me', the borough sighs,
amid the air its streets supplies
Offering a multitude 
of promises, the night exudes

Ladies dominate the clubs
and smirks at all the men she snubs 
Cobbles making ankles twist,  
shines sequins dresses through the mist 

Venues oozing pitchy beats
while skin and speakers overheat
Euphoric verse from local bands
as strangers hold each others' hands 

A blind spot found to consummate
that pent up vibe hormones equate
No safety sake and such like sins
watched over by store mannequins 

Alternate night life rarely sought, 
where armies ran and soldiers fought
Replaced by battles outside bars, 
the rush of rain and midnight cars

Homeward boundings of the younger
slaves to mashed heads and false hunger
Statue crowned with traffic cone
whose iron heart has turned to stone

Unmarked cop cars cruise along
preserving peace and drunken song
Until the city's whisper ends
preparing for its deepest cleanse

And in the morning, bang on six, 
the scars of late post-teenage kicks
are strewn like litter on the breeze 
contagious and desired disease

Noise and clutter reign again
business cards and fools campaign
In my town where familiar screams
till evening's bursting at the seams



Kathe W. said...

wow- great poem for a huge city.

Geo. said...

I remember the magic of the night, being young. Then, too soon, had to get up and go to work at an hour that used to close the evening, and continue doing so for 40 years. Just see if I'm fool enough to do that again! But thanks for the reminder of a more energetic time! Beautifully done.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really loved the myriad emotions that you captured here. Wow. Amazing poem...

Jon said...

A wonderful poem. Being a hardcore night owl and former hustler of the streets, I can really relate to this.

Björn said...

Oh you bring in the feeling of a big bad city... really cool..

Karen said...

Love this! The rhythm of the lines echoes the bustle on the streets.

Ginny Brannan said...

NYC, such a world unto itself. First visited in 1977, typical country girl, jaw gaping so much it practically was dragging on the street. I love the city, it's alive, its got a heartbeat all its own. You captured it well in this piece!

Lyn said...

"Skin and speakers" overheat..A real fever pitch...Love the atmosphere of this...