January 16, 2014

Really Feelie Wheelie Dealie

As I'm heading towards the big 5-0 even faster (days now rather than weeks) my thoughts are with my twin, Margaret, abbreviated to Maggs (in England) but Migi (in Scotland).   Sadly, due to commitments non negotiable, she has to remain in London, while I have to in Scotland, on the actual day!   We as a family still plan a birthday get together shortly after.  But I will miss her like crazy on the 27th.

Memories are turned to our youth and school days in particular which resurfaced fairly recently in the shape of Gail McArthur ( I promise to add you on FB soon. Ish. ) whom I bumped into after decades as I was visiting my doctor for my monthly fumble.

        I was reminded of what a pair of mental and zany (Migi more than me) girls we were and a stint involving a certain admirer.   There was a lad who was really sweet, a geek and a nervous one at that - who really fancied me.  He knew the difference between my twin and I easily enough because Migi's first words to him were always :

                                 " Fuck off,  Leslie!"

 Anyhow - between us we managed to convince him that I loved wheels - prompted perhaps by a favourite book I read (and still do) in my youth.   I said I collected them but just in the singular. Car wheels, bikes, wheels from toys - any toys, water wheel, steering wheels from boats, cogs, car rims, any crap like that. We thought no one would fall for that or find it extremely weird and be scared off.    But oh, no!   Next thing we knew - the back garden was teeming with  'anonymous'  round crap - and my dad went nuts as he came to the door with a few 'items' for me.  He even went to the extent of making model  'wheels' out of matchsticks for me.  Matchstick modelling was big back in the 70's, you know!   Now it was time to flatten the poor bloke's tyre before he learned to unicycle! 

 Unlike my twin's subtle approach towards him,  I was ordered to tell him it was all a cruel hoax and I should be ashamed of myself.  I didn't.   I said my dad told me to get rid of my collection for a proper one.  He also said something about an exorcist too, come to think of it!   Oh, Leslie......I wonder what you're doing now? 

So, with such mad and  happy memories, I'm thinking more towards the end of April and arranging a get together as best as, with old mates, ect.   There's a few more 50th April birthdays among we friends (I've a good memory for dates!) and worth a consider if the idea kicks in early enough.   Old photographs will have to be draped over the walls with the other deco.  So many old childhood friends and high school friends have hunted my twin and I down via Facebook, and admittedly, I rarely keep in touch with any of them.  Email a few, but my twin was always the popular one of we two! 

On leaving high school, Migi parted with, tattoo, 10 Players No.6, felt tip pen graffiti all over her blazer, and 4 inch stilettos.   I left with pristine uniform, lip balm, loafers and a snobbish attitude.   But Migi has the bigger heart.   I can be quite selfish at times but Gail's chat left me missing my twin even more and memories of the things that made us us.

 We'll hire a hall get together as many old mates and heart breakers, book a band or two or three we know and just let the youthful fun and confessions explode!   We may not ever have shared the same music, taste in blokes, clothes and the likes but our sense of humour and our genes, has never split.  And that's wheelie special.



Jon said...

Your school days story is hilarious - even though it was at poor Leslie's expense.

You can be sure that you still have the admiration of a "sweet, nervous geek" here in Texas.

Fifty really isn't so bad - - as long as you say it quickly and don't think about it too much.
You don't have to start worrying until you're ninety.

By the way, January 27 is Mozart's birthday - - it's a day for geniuses.

richard said...

50? You're just a kid!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hilarious story!! Oh and by the way, 50 is the new 29 :)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

funny stories! Happy 50th to you and your twin. My boyfriend and I turned 50 this year as well.

kaykuala said...

It's a nice feeling to be half a century ahead! Happy Birthday Lena!


Stafford Ray said...

Yes, weelie special and poor old Leslie. I hope he reads your blog and comes around. X