July 25, 2013

Sniffing It and Snuffing It

The Cheaper Half has been sick for the first time in 20 years.  No, he hasn't gone out and bought the new Bruce Springsteen album, nothing that serious, but physically thrown up - diced carrots, the works!  Suffering quite bad stomach cramps too, so I even allowed him control of the television remotes. See how indepth the caring is going on here!?  I'd forgotten how much pleasure others' suffering can be. But marital thick / thin,  better / worse, kinda stuff is included in the long run with directions on the side of the packet.

Anyhoo - as he was at 'death's door', just about to scrape his sole on old St. Pete's doormat, I thought I'd take his mind of his misery by doing a bit of laptop cemetery surfing. I never knew there was so much fun and adventure to pegging it.  Maybe there is something to this mortal coil malarkey after all!

He wants a headstone with fins, like these chaps:

Some take their surname and turn it into solid matter:

Big kudos for the one who thought this one up: 

Then comes the bizzare,  WTF,  howd'ya  fathom this one out?:

The thought behind this one is simply genius:

If only this wasn't but a clever photoshop! How busy would this cemetery be?  Bring your own personal gaming device as a mark of respect and to carry on gobbling, too:

But my favourite by far is this pet gravestone!  Now that's a cracking sense of humour!

 It really can be a funny old thing, shuffling off this mortal coil ..........but Get Well Soon nonetheless, hubbs..xXx



richard said...

Gosh, he ain't dead yet, and already
getting ready to plant him???
show a little mercy.......

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, amazing! are these real or are they all photoshopped? So spill the beans, what kind of coffin are you planning together for him?

Helena said...

Richard - my cheaper half spensd the majority of the day moaning at something or other.....but he DOES have a great sense of humour!

Jenny - with no word of a lie, our local funeral parlour, Cowans, have a 'design your own coffin - inquiries within' poster in their window!!

George S Batty said...

Old Grizz gives 4 roars for this one...what the hell 5...this was funny...love your sense of humor.
thanks for stopping by my place in the woods...if you hadn't I may never have found your blog and your sense of humor.

Friko said...

I’m laughing my head off here.

Poor sod, but at least you let him have the remote. (Mine sits on that all the time anyway)

I hope the shock of seeing you choose his headstone made him feel better instantly.