July 15, 2013

Mr. Potato Heart

Gee - there he goes, in his  country-bum clothes,
    a wannabe-some-sort of stud
Chancing his luck, always splattered in muck,
    all the charm of an overripe spud!

That girl in the town, with the permanent frown,
    who works in the 'Ocean Fresh' shop,
Well wiggles her hips as she walks and eats chips -
    once smiled at him at the bus stop 

And hence he has tried, to again catch her eyes,
    but he's nervously fumbled and foiled
Endlessly did he pop, in that fish 'n' chip shop,
    where he fretted and sweated and boiled!

Now he must up his chances, elongate the glances -
    and uproot that damned paranoia
Smile sweetly and say, he supplies everyday -
    new potatoes to her shop's employer!

He'll invite her to dinner! That should be a winner!
    So what should he make from their tatties?
Would he blend?  What to try?  Should he fritter or fry?
    Or breadcrumb a few salmon patties?

Yes, he musters away, in that field every day,
    with thoughts of the girl in his head
Just a full breath then ask, quite a menial task,
   - sets off with good feelings, no dread

But his dreams get all mashed, his intentions are dashed,
    when she fancies one more a la carte.
Sees them both linking arms, roasting hope, roasting charm
   - all digging down deep in his heart

It was never to be, that beauty and he -
    who smelled like a sweet pickled egg
But, visits the village, when fresh from his tillage, 
    - his chances now roll into segue........

A new girl was seen, peeling pods ripe and green,
    at the fruit and veg shop in the town
So without hesitation, said he fed the whole nation
    with the finest of King Edwards' crowns

Sat across from the other, they smiled, often stuttered
    exchanging the giggles and glares
A saute delight, each and every night,
     hot potatoes and cinnamon pears!


Other Mary said...

Haha - now that's a delicious tale! You're rhythm and rhyme make it a fun romp.

Kat Mortensen said...

Well done! Good work with the rhyming. Lots of fun.

Kathe W. said...

How sweet it is! So fun !

holli said...

Did you make that up yourself? Dang that is good girlie! Very fun rhyme.

Helen said...

Boggles my mind how you create these epic poems! :-) Brava.

Berowne said...

VERY well done...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, that sure brings up some memories... Sigh.

Lyn said...

I do so admire your rhyming ability and a happy ending too..who could ask for more?

Susan Lindquist said...

What a fun read! He sure is one hot potato!

Jinksy said...

Paranoia/employer is one of the best rhymes I've seen for many a moon! LOL Thanks for the fun. :)

Kutamun said...

Such fun, it was all meant to be !

Helena said...

Mary - Thanks a lot.

Kat - And thank you, too!

Kathe - you know me, can't keep a serious Mag for long!!

Holli - Yup! All my own doing. I love my MT Sundays. Thanks for visiting this sister blog!

Helen - you're a bit of an influence, I must say. Totally fun-lovin'!

Berowne - Thank you kind Sir! I'll have to pop over and see how dreadful I did one this week's quiz! I got one right, so far!

Jerry - thanks!

Lyn - thank you - I rhyme more than I don't. Even shouting at the kids...lol

Sue - hot of the pot, alright!!

Jinksy - thank you. It just seemed to pop into place somehow. It'll be a long wait for my next one!

Kutaman - lol....such is potato life!

~T~ said...

Better a garden gal than a fishwife!