July 18, 2013

☼ Zaba-zapped! ☼

Okay. I admit that I'm the biggest pain in the arse when it comes to summer.  Frankly, I hate it!  Why?  Well, the heat's my biggest problem. Can't tolerate it.  Being a thick-haired strawberry blonde and having pasty skin doesn't help as I burn to buggery. And I hate the long nights! Not dark till 10pm or later and daylight has birds chirping at three in the morning.  Open the windows to keep cool at night and you can't sleep for outside noise.  Keep em closed and you're too hot.  And everyone's hot and moody. School holidays, brats everywhere.  I take my holidays between autumn and spring.

Anyhow - my complaint today??  Well, God seems to not only plenish me with too much hair,  he also likes to charge me up as well.  You see, I'm a walking static builder. Three times today, three ruddy times I've had a right smarting crack spark, just going about my business.  Once from the bus driver's money tray, one from the escalator in the mall, and finally, one right f***ing zapper from a metal high street flap advertiser for - would you believe it - ice cream! Taking the piss or what!!??

  In my younger years, the below song would be sung to me from my siblings with every shock I endured. They thought it apt, mainly for the 'whips and zappy' sounds in it.  Such a sympathetic family, my lot......

☼  I'll either survive the next couple of months by staying firmly indoors or buying car anti-static strips and running them down my legs.  ☼


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richard said...

ya, don't much like the heat either!
and I don't even have boobs!
wait, that doesn't make sense, does it?
just how big are your boobs?
do you fit in compact auto?
well, its your fault!
you got me thinking boobs!

Lucky Lady said...

I love the summer but I had cancer twice so I don't have any Boobs now you got Richard thinking lol

Jon said...

Wow, you wouldn't last two minutes here in Texas. We not only have intense heat but also VERY low humidity. The sparks are flying.

holli said...

I'm kinda busty myself and i am with you on hating the heat! Unfortunately i live in Texas and the summers are brutal. Sucks!

Helena said...

Yes, Lucky! Richard did get a little over zelous to my moaning there, so I amended the post! Wouldn't like to think it was a boast in disguise!!

Actually - I've not long had a cancer scare, so been through the mammogram and biopsy part. I'm sorry to hear of your own cancer treatments. It's something I was totally prepared to do if the results were bad.