June 11, 2013

And Baby Grows Up

Huge hugs for my gorgeous niece, Layla, who turns 17 tomorrow.  Here, aged 2, she bounces happily on my knee as I sing a barrage of Scottish kiddies' songs to her, on one of my London visits. For hours she'd sit reading books with me, not one bit of bother. She was a truly delicate little flower, who barely troubled anyone and stayed mainly contented.

Fifteen years later, she enters the vast world of glamour and glitter like most girls her age and strikes a killer pose. Some may be offended at such a vision, at such an age, and I'd never had dreamt those 15 years back that I would be proud of such a snap.  But I am.  She is a natural beauty who quite openly flaunts it.

And this stunning little blonde has brains as well. Currently attending music college, she is sitting degrees both instrumental and vocally and she has the most hauntingly soothing voice while performing A Capella. Two years ago saw her learning the euphonium - a big instrument for a little gal!

For now I think it's important that she considers certain boundaries of modelling, while at the same time keeping in check how important education is. It can be all too easy and eagre to strip and click, but many a singer and/or performer, on theatre stages and arena's use that added ingredient of sex appeal. Huge amounts are needed as the entertainment industry sells this.  As for Layla, those Scottish kiddies' songs would still shine through that soulful, southern accent, no matter what her future brings.  Happy Birthday, sweetie! 



Jon said...

Beauty certainly runs in your family.
I agree that education should come first.......which unfortunately proves that I'm now an old fuddy duddy.

Geo. said...

What a pretty, talented, intelligent kid. Layla too.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy early birthday to Layla!!!