April 25, 2013

† Lourdes Us The Way, Lads †

I have to wish my younger son's band, No Need For Idols, a huge "GOOD LUCK GUYS ".  They'll be performing at Celtic Football Club's stadium supporting their Children For Lourdes appeal. They've been jammin' their iffy little socks off in preparation of 26 songs - mainly covers! Phew!

Celtic Park venue is the biggest in Scotland, so it'll be a decent sized crowd they'll attract. A few other acts will be performing, too, but all in all, it'll still be their biggest audience to date. A main stage will be erected in the grounds. I'm so chuffed. Show takes off at 8pm this Saturday.


 No Need For Idols

And coming up......it's their weekend stay at this Highland But 'n' Ben that carries a spooky tale to it but I'll leave that post for next time! Gee, I dunno.....you'd think their fans would have the courtesy of being visible, eh?



Jenny Woolf said...

That is a mighty impressive crowd! good luck to them, they deserve it!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I wish them the best of luck!! Let us know how it goes!

Monica said...

Your son is in a band? How cool is that!!!!!