April 21, 2013

Lesson In Layers

How to forget is always lonesome
  winter sun's will always find
Paths of deep deliberation
  makes the eyes and heart snowblind

Isolation wraps it's body
  round her naked, yearning soul
Leaves a hint of last year's loving
  abandonment and no control

From the view she seeks some comfort
  chapters let her reasons bleed
Not a crisp footprint towards those 
  rhapsodies in aniseed

Moonbeam kissed, the flakes do sparkle
  morning comes with blackbird song
One cup of tea lies on the table
  cold and sweet and far too strong 

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Berowne said...

Sharp, clever and very nicely written.

Stafford Ray said...

I think you are right. She is alone... with a bottle of wine and a good book, sitting in the window, maybe hoping someone will appreciate her and come in.

izzy said...

Wow I really like your poem! especially the idea of abandonment and no control within certain circumstances- thanks.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You really do a great job here of conveying some very powerful emotions. Well-done!!

Jinksy said...

Must have good central heating if she can sit near a window when snow is falling outside! Shows she doesn't live in England. lol

gautami tripathy said...

Powerful feelings...!!

in naked glory, I forget myself

Tess Kincaid said...

Very nice...especially like the blackbird touch...

Lyn said...

Loneliness and waiting..perfect combination..

Geo. said...

1st-time visitor to your site. Hello. Following because I sure like how you write.

Dave King said...

An excellent response to the prompt. I agree with Berowne it is sharp and clever, but also somewhat alluring, I found.