January 17, 2013

Lost In Scots

I am of the technology minority that doesn't own a mobile phone. Children are born these days with the knowledge that at some point in their young lives, such an item will be a requirement deemed necessary. 

 PrettyBoy's phone was upgraded a couple of days ago from a Crapberry to some iPhone 5 thingy.  This mobile has amazing features, functions and applications (far too pernickety for me to fathom out) but I was impressed, for a change, at it's offerings - and then we hit a problem.

This phone has a detector, capable of recognising the human voice and answering most questions you, orally, ask of it.  Sadly, it seems a Scottish accent confuses it, with reports showing the Glaswegian accent bamboozles it the most!  No matter how clean and clear your voice directs it, it don't wanna know. Of course, we make the most out of the flaw by waiting on the dodgy translations.  Needing directions to a plumbing warehouse, PrettyBoy asked it:
        "Where is Bog Road, Unit Six, in Falkirk, located?"

The reply: 
                "I don't know where 'weirdo's bog-water, unit sex and folk rock is'.......shall I try a web search?"

I've never been one for gimmicky enticement *ahem* but I sure can't wait to flick through the telephone directory later on today!



Jon said...

I am hopelessly out of touch with technology. I was probably the last person in the United States to get a computer - - and my cell phone is so old that it has Alexander Graham Bell's name engraved on it.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

My phone isn't smart and doesn't understand me either. I can only imagine the problems I would have with the iphone 5 thingie! Wishing him lots of luck with the new gadget! Mr MB has one and I keep my hands off that thing, I repel technology. It wouldn't last 30 mins in my possession! :)

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Wasn't Alexander Graham Bell a Scottsman? He would be ashamed. Maybe if you talk a lot to your phone he/she/it will learn the language.

Bee's Blog said...

This is too funny really! Consider myself tech savvy but came close to throwing my Kindlefire HD away within hours of receiving it as a gift because I cannot download a flash onto it! Adobe has abandoned most androids if not all. My daughter says I have no idea of three quarters of the things my phone can do. That`s fine. I remember when cameras took pictures and one spoke to people on telephones! Now amongst many things I don't know about I can listen to music, tell it who to call, take photos and download a million things onto it from my lap top and vice versa! Daren`t thing what things are going to be like 10 years from now!!!!

thingy said...

Haha! Funny to me, but I'm sure, very annoying.

Kathe W. said...

I finally succumbed to getting just a plain old flip cell phone when we moved tothe hinterlands of Northern California....heaven help me if I ever "have to" get one of those iPhone thingies....
Now pardon mewhile I pick myself off the floor from laughing so much! Damn.... you are hilarious!