January 14, 2013

Cast Me Off

 What a delightful picture to return to. During my absence I knit a lot, it's one of my guilty pleasures. I'm not a typical knitter I have to say.  I have, in my time, been known to use my own patterns and slogans in the articles. May blog that one day!  It's nice to be back anyhow!

Click clacking, brain racking,
stitches in a fight
Dropping many, flopping any
 - don't pull that too tight!

Colour dreamer - sheep-like screamer
baaaa....the thing won't twist!
Pattern crazy, mind too hazy
- never get the gist!

Moss decker, little checker,
woven with such care
Triple lattice, made free gratus,
 - one he'll never wear!

Lace ribbing, always fibbing,
how the thing will look
Fat on skinny, stretchy ninny
- never shall she look!

Cable cross, total loss,
demanded by the wool
Should only take a mild mistake to
-  make her look the fool

Babies bonny, old and scrawny,
fire me with requests!
Caused such tention, since I mentioned
 - skills that I posses!

Take out my yarn and future darn
a slug-like suit instead
Continually, in moss stitch three,
 - a hole at feet and head

And then I'll ask, the simple task
to draw the cord each end.
A happy loon, in her purl cocoon,
 - a weird woollen wonderful friend!



Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love it Helena :) I especially loved "Lace ribbing, always fibbing"

The Write Girl said...

You've knitted a beautiful poem here. Nicely written.

Helen said...

You sound like a woman who knows her way around knitting needles ... I'm jealous!!

Katherine said...

Helena this was fantastic...you're a very clever writer indeed. I concur with Helen on this, you sound as though you've wrestled with knitting a pattern or too. I would imagine something this large would take quite a while to finish.

Kutamun said...

Transcendence as an act of knitting, why on earth not ?, what a lovely way to disapparate

~T~ said...

I'm a crocheter, myself, but I know what you mean. Nice one!

Bee's Blog said...

Nice. Easy reading. A definite winner!