January 27, 2013


As everyone knows, I'm not one for fuss.  Just plain straightforwardness and I'm happy.  I do, however, need to make an announcement.  Today is my identical twin's birthday. Honestly - the way she's rattled on about it for week's, saying how she'd like just the one layer cake, no roses as she hates them and breakfast in bed and all that malarky. It's an utter disgrace. I'm ashamed even to say she's my twin! Brazen with it!  There's huge numbers printed on those balloons for everyone to gasp over. A woman of her age should show some decorum and try lifting a duster as often as she lifts a guitar!  What an attention seeker!

Anyhow - to help you all recognise her so you can avoid her, I've uploaded this subtle picture of me.  Why some people can't just be happy to let the day slip by, I don't know...... (pass me those chocolates and that colouring in book and crayons that I forgot to post down to my other half, then.....!)



richard said...

There's something to be said about breakfast in bed. But I won't say it. I'll just think it.

Jon said...

Having an identical twin is just too much of a good thing!
Birthday Greetings!!!!

thingy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Helena said...

Thank you, guys.....and the odd shot of loose juice, to boot!