July 15, 2012

Widow's Watch

Far from hope and sanity, the bedraggled widow watches
Wondered now where comfort lies,  whose bedpost's next for notches

Didn't they all tell her that the sun shone just for them?
Sparks flying from volcanoes, pretty prisms from her gems

Catch a winner, smile for lenses, pretty in her pink
Not as cruel and heartless as the mourners like to think

 Her smile and touch felt genuine, a presence so proud of
Not an inkling, ever showing her incapable of love

But she kept most of her promises, was faithful and complete
Earned her marriage title, through the simplest of deceit

Yet, the clock was sighing verily, the end was drawing near
Nursing wife in silk and satins, contentment in his twilight years

Perhaps it wouldn't take too long, for the phone to carry care
From widowers reminding her that they'll always be there.

 I was delighted to see a Jack Vettriano picture prompt.  The artist took a keen interest in my friend Linda's dog, Alexandra Goldendoodle,  (whom she is training for the Canine Partners for Scotland charity)  at a  function in Glasgow.  Jack happily posed with Alexandra for a snap and is now in an album with the shaggy heroine with loads of other celebrities - including my son - who have been asked to pose with the wonderdog to help boost charity funds.
Alexandra Goldendoodle with Jack and with Adam  - his biggest fan as you can see!   LoL





Gemma Wiseman said...

The widow can indeed feel numb, beyond feeling! Love the introductory line leading into a series of observations and reflective thoughts!

Tess Kincaid said...

I like how you convey the widows thoughts as she gazes out the window...nice rhyme pattern too...

Brian Miller said...

pretty cool on jack taking an interest in your friends blog...that is way cool...have loved his work for years...and have a few prints in the house....there is def a vacant feeling in her which i think you capture well in making her a widower....really nice write...

Helen said...

... 'whose bedpost's next for notches' ~ gotta say you caught my full attention with that line!

Laurie Kolp said...

How cool is that!!

Sue said...

Enjoyed your poem...and also the little factlet about the artist.

Pretty cool!


Trellissimo said...

A clever poem. And I'm with Sue above. Interesting asides on JV.

Little Nell said...

The bedraggled widow seems to have a heart of....gold! Nice to have the Vettriano connection too.

Lyn said...

Poignant..and a widow not lying to herself..about the past..and the future. Vittriano is a perfect match...

Helena said...

Gemma - thank you so much.

Tess - ah, well....you're the gal that puts my thoughts into motion, though!

Brian - cheers! Jack apparently made a right old fuss of the dog - he's not afraid of bristles on his clothing, either!

Helen - the bedpost's I've been through.....(woodworm!) LoL

Laurie - it was! Thanks!

Sue - glad you enjoyed it! Your latest post had me enchanted, there!

Trellissimo - ta, laddo! That latest Ada morph is a hoot!

Little Nell - thank you so much. You're spot on!

Lyn - Thank you. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

Carrie Burtt said...

A brilliant write Helena! :-)

Bee's Blog said...

I'm just so sorry that I didn't make it to here until this morning but glad I did eventually otherwise I'd have missed a real treat.

I see a 'black widow', veiled in pretence waiting for the next 'catch' and the goodies it will bring.