July 05, 2012

Two Camels and She's Yours........

My beautiful and wacky daughter and her hubby are off for a fortnight's holiday to Morocco.  Her surgery will probably miss her for the two week's - or probably not.  Just to refresh, Kerri is an RDN (among other things) at a mainly cosmetic dental surgery in Buckinghamshire and a phone call to me one bored dinner break went something like this:

 "Hi, mum.  Thought I'd give you a call on my dinner break, I'm eating in, it's raining."

"What's that whizzing, Kek, I thought you had no patients over lunch?"

'I don't - I'm just trimming a piece of wallpaper with the drill - you know those middle trim pattern things - not quite even"

I continue my yapping when I hear a slurping sound.

'Kerri is that the saliva suction I hear..?

'Just clearing my sinuses, mum...'

'You grotty child...'

Suction continues in background.

'I can still hear the whoosy noise!'

'Fly's just come into the room, I'm trying to suck it dead'

I continue my mundane conversation and the next thing I hear little chippy noises.  

'What are you up to now, kiddo....?'

'Rolled some luting cement into little balls and I'm trying to ping them into spit cups, mum.....it's fun!'

And so the remainder of our conversation had little interruptions for the next 10 mins.

 The staff at her practice nickname her 'Matron' as she's a bossy cow, and likes her surgery just so. She blows up gloves and does chicken impressions for scared kiddies.  She's run open days at the surgery on weekends and sacrificed many a Saturday in between to help out, as they get the odd celebrity patient in.

  On return from her holiday, she'll tut and moan as the the temp that takes her place will have things in other places.  But she's still the biggest asset that surgery has. I burst with pride when I read the plaque she was awarded and all the patient comments that go with it.  But, where that apparatus-abuse comes from, I don't know!  It's not like I ever took her or her siblings to McDonalds and played 'Karate Chop' with the french-fries or anything...........



richard said...

I would love to comment. I really would. But every time I do comment,
I end up looking the fool. You do understand, don't you? I knew you would. You're so cool....

Steven Cain said...

I've always wanted to have dental tools to play with.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I tend to try and stay away from the dentist. I blame those movies, "The Dentist" they scarred me as a child. Dang parents for letting me watch late night television :) Have an awesome weekend!

Helena said...

No need to get over zealous Richard!

Any comment no matter how big or small, or silly or short is welcomed by everyone - usually. It's the visit to the blog that is the main thing.

I'm not cool, y'know......!