July 11, 2012

Hotel Windia........!

It giveths me great pleasure to announce that my older son's (PrettyBoy)'s band Hotel India have been nominated for a Scottish New Music Award in the Alternate/Indie category.

It was a bit of a shock for the guys at first as there was the mystery as to who actually entered them to begin with.   But their recent EP (sent out to various record companies) delighted the ears of a certain someone in the industry and next thing they knew they were finalists!  It is a public voting system that determines the winners so fingers crossed.  Hotel India are simply delighted to be associated with the competition whatever the outcome.

The strength of the position came after the release of their latest video Black Eyes which has received the highest amount of both recorded and live acclaim.  This comes from a band that more than pays its dues to its residents (fans!) and has bucket-loads more creativity to give.   They now also have accepted the offer from  20 Rocks'  owner and music associate to become their manager.   They kick off this Friday with a gig at the venue!   It should be more than enough to cheer us up from this constant jet stream!  You'd be pushed to dampen a resident's spirits anyhow!
 I will start needling you all for votes in a future post but for now, I leave you with a picture of Scott, the band's cheeky-chappie bassist, holding, proudly, the finalist certificate!


Hey Monkey Butt said...

very cool!!! Good job :)

Jon said...

Hotel India certainly has my vote.
Congratulations, and good luck!

"Anonymous" seems to be very enthusiastic!

Helena said...

Cheers for the support, friends!

Wasn't 'anonymous' enthusiastic, Jon? Sadly, the anonymity didn't really do them any good as the commenter was hunted down in minutes. Shame, too, as I used to enjoy their poetry......☺

Anonymous said...

Does Grant or Caitlin know about the nomination? Maybe one could do a Blogger review....?

ps......it's Pippa here - I'm just too lazy arsed to open a Google account! ☻

Cristeen said...

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Steven Cain said...

Sweet. Congratulations.

Count on my vote.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Nice video!

Brian Miller said...

way to go for them...that is a great song...really enjoying listening to it as i surf tonight....and a very cool vid too....let me know when you need votes...you got mine...