May 02, 2012

To (try and) Kill A Mocking Bird and Other Mucky Stuff!

Today we took a walk to the garden centre which is around 2 miles away.  With the weather fine and dry,  McScrooge and I decided not to wear jackets as there was some warmth in the sun. Half-way there a biting wind picked up and my hair did a splendid take of some tumbleweed.  I came home with purple heathers, McS came home with purple hands.  Later on  (and in body-warmers this time) we ventured back out to give our back garden fence a creosote (God I love the smell!) only to find that the spray-snow message on the fence that GingerJesus drunkenly dedicated to the neighbours years ago, resurfaced and took on some weird luminosity. It is May 2nd and we're now wishing our neighbours a  'Merry Chrimbo from Adam' .

I suppose the most enjoyable part of my garden stint was watching this magpie absolutely taking the piss out of our cat, Boaby. Been doing it for weeks now, torments poor sour-puss something rotten, lands so ruddy close but seems to have impeccable timing for safety mode.  It once nipped the tip of Boaby's tail and it has been known to swoop also.  It is one very brave, feathered jester. It's fabulous entertainment actually and I'm now keeping my camera on handy standby for future pics or recording.

The day ended on a fairly cheery note for me.  A meddlesome neighbour, Liz, on passing by, told us of another neighbour who is dog-poop shy and NEVER picks up after her gorgeous German Shepherd.  She awoke this morning to a pile of dog poop (in bags) on her doorstep besides a pooper-scooper, from an anonymous source.  We think it's been our oldest street resident Jean, as she's about as passionate and mental as I am about the problem in our little public park . The carpets I've had to scrub in my time!  But it's a kiddie's play area too and there are dog bins provided.  Doubt if it'll change things though. Perhaps I could have a quiet word in that magpie's ear? Hmm?



Jon said...

I'm amazed that, in your neck of the woods, jackets are still required when you go for a walk.
Here in West Texas it's already so hot that no clothing is required at all (don't try to visualize this!).
Many birds derive great enjoyment from torturing cats. In my back yard, it's the grackles and mockingbirds.

As for dog poop - - Long ago I had an aunt who was extremely annoyed at the daily deposits of dog poop left on her lawn. She found out who the owner of the dog was, scooped up all the crap, and left it on his front porch.
I suppose dog poop horror stories are universal.....

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm amused at the magpie - hope you can get some more photos.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

bwhahahaha at what "jean" may have done. That's awesome. I hate hate hate it when I have to watch for land mines of fellow neighbor pets while we're walking ours! :) Love the post!

Steven Cain said...

I have Mockingbirds that get ill like that when they're nesting and I inadvertentley venture too close to the eggs or chicks... it's cute, until they peck the back of your head good.

rel said...

My gosh girl, when I need a cheer-me-up this is the place to visit.