May 23, 2012

Eurovision S'wrong Contest

It's a ridiculous thing to admit - but my family are keen viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest.  Since I was but a nipper, we all gathered around the dusty 24 incher, paper, pencil, pads and peanuts (that were chucked at the telly when things got heated!)  close by.  We usually rooted for the UK until we realised that for the best part most of the songs were shit.

  However, coming from a family of music lovers, although my dad hated but put up with it it in the terms of  "a load of bastard nonesense"  ( as nothing or no-one ever compared to the rat-pack but he was often humming along to the 'crap' we hit him from the stereo with) we still were prepared to give the lot a fair hearing. That's what I often find with music these days, not enough people are willing to try anyone elses recommendations.  A few minutes can either rape your ears or run a shiver down the musical spine you thought you never had. I'm big enough and open enough for both.

Anyhow - back on the subject.  It's a big thing in my household. The kids stay in to take part in the annual offerings.  Among ourselves we take bets and at the bookies if there's time.  All this is washed down with loads of lager and finger foods and the best of luck to who ruddy ever. 

And my 'good luck, mucker' goes to Ireland's Jedward this year.  Yes, those obnoxious, hated twins with dire dress sense and hair and pumping perpetual grins. But they've got energy, spunk and no shame whatsoever.  Look at what the UK has to offer this year,   Jinglebert Humped-and-dumped  - and he's on first!  Not that that matters anymore as it's all dogged by political symbolism and vote rigging. It should be called Eurovision Vote-For-Your-Neighbouring-Country Contest. But that won't spoil it for me.

This version My Lovely Horse by the late great Father Ted Crilly and Father Dougal McGuire would certainly get  Irelande Deuxe Pointe  from me every time. With lyrics that include:

♫ running around, with a man on your back, like a train in the night, like a train the "hold on Dougal,  I can get this"........night  ♫   

how could one not?



Scumbag Sam said...

"Hello, I'm coming to you live from Spain and we give 12 points to... Portugal!"

I'm shocked every time. But not really! I'll be with you in spirit, holding my own Eurovision party - I'm behind Jedward and the Russian old women because... well, I love old women who sing! I won last with my guess so I'm hoping I'm on a 2nd year streak! Woo! :D

Helena said...

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

JEDWARD????......I'm appalled! Russia will win hands down......and one foot (each) in the grave!

Kobi Ko said...

Being from America, I've never actually seen the contest, but I have heard mention of it. It seems like it's pretty addicting :)

Brian Miller said...

obviously we have our own plethora right now it seems...i do enjoy some of the singing shows, but never seen it on this side of the pond...