February 08, 2011

The Janitor's House

      I've really enjoyed this week's prompt. I was taken back to primary school, so it has a kiddykins feel to it.  The poem is based on a real character. Mr.Chapburn.

It stood there on it's ownsome
A box-like little thing
On the outskirts of the school
The heart of Elspbeth Wing

Forever at  a window
Straining at each noise
Making sure the girls are all
Respected by the boys

Checking out the lavvies
Drying up the floors
Sweeping leaves, come rain come shine
Closing all the doors.

His tool bag at the ready
Such a range of metal goods
Would curse at rude graffiti
Paint it over, plane the wood!

He'd help the nurse with noses
Empty sick bowls out
Get to you in 0.2
If you let out a shout

Shoo away the loose dogs
In case they dropped their ends
And nipped an ear to make sure they
Won't piddle there again

Checked out names and I D
After visitors had said it
Would look you scornfully up and down
Till happy with your credit.

In summer grass was tidy
No shoot bigger than an inch
The football parks, had perfect marks
Nets fitting at a pinch

In winter snow would never
Keep away His girls and boys
Repair the grounds and aftermath
The snow storm near destroyed

His school was his almighty
The pride of Elspbeth Wing
His chest would puff when hearing
All his little angels sing.

He lived alone and loved it
In his sole, full company
The perfect job, no nagging wife
In single husbandry!


Mandy skipped along with mum
The silly little soul
Slid on her back and heard a crack
There goes the cooking bowl!

The curtains parted quickly
Looking from an upper pane
Was relieved to see her mother
Coming quickly to her gain

'Who's that..?" young Mandy asked her mum
Pointing to the curtain
Mandy watched as tidily
He tucked his baggy shirt in

'Oh, no one love, not any more
The janitor's now dead
Got killed when a huge lorry-load
Of books fell on his head'.

But up got little Mandy
Smiled -  inside he felt a warming
He waved, then turned and so prepared
To start his Monday morning


cosmos cami said...

The Janitor's House was an excellent tribute.
I liked the great rhythm of the rhyme style.

Old Ollie said...

Like how you craft a tale.

Lena said...

Cheers guys...!

Jinksy said...

Two chapters of verses! Clever!

Stafford Ray said...

I guess poor Mandy was lucky the books were paperbacks and not hardbacks!
You worked hard on this, put up a brick wall, a wrought iron fence, raised the dead! So good! XX

Anonymous said...

These were great works! Both of them special in their own unique ways! :o)

Lolamouse said...

Wonderful poem with a great story to tell! I enjoyed the rhyme scheme and how you broke the poem up into 2 parts. I look forward to reading more! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so touching, my love... :)

Reflections said...

Love how you took two approaches bringing them together for the finale... nicely written.

Lyn said...

I love the cleverness of this..someone has to keep order..ghost of the Janitor, why not?

Lucy Westenra said...

Rare rhyming, and a good story in the poem(s)

Lena said...

I doubt if I'll ever attempt anything other than this rhyming malarky....! I have been known for the odd haiku and short story....but I must be loyal to the prompt.

Thank you for the comments so far - and I'll return the visits soon!

Stafford - you know that I can't leave things alone....I've got to muck about with originals....! It's really a blessing that Scotland and Australia are so far apart!

little hat said...

'rhyming malarky' my eye. It's great stuff. I loved it.Warm funny cheeky. Scots do have a sense of humour!

barbara said...

That house does look like one with stories inside. I like yours.

Suko said...

Very imaginative and playful Mag! :)

Emily Young said...


Bee's Blog said...

Both pieces - delightful. I enjoyed them immensely.

Kathe W. said...

I absolutely loved your poem- a wonderful poem for all those who worked in our childrens schools and cared for them and the buildings....nowadays it's contract workers who come and go-
amd thanks for the lovely commetns you have made on my blog!

Helen said...

You brought the janitor to life ~ both poems a delightful read.

rel said...

A fitting home and poem for such a man.

Rashmi said...

Beautiful...I enjoyed both...

Judy Roney said...

Poignant and a memorial to a janitor or anyone who does a job well.