May 13, 2010

And I Would Walk 500 More......!

London was fantastic.  My darling daughter and her wonderful hubby, James, treated me like royalty.  Kerri managed to get the whole week off work, so we spent it as a duo as much as possible. Even so, she made sure each day of the rather quick week mattered and contained happy snaps. My twin sister and her kids live only a short distance away from my daughter so I was blessed to spend time with them also. Kerri was my racy little chauffeur, happily zooming me about Buckinghamshire.

The most precious days to me were the ones spent in London at the zoo, and Madame Tussauds. We played fabulous tricks on friends of my twin sister's as I posed as she. Kerri even arranged a visit with my stepson, Sean, (whom we'd both never seen for 10 years) and his wife and wee boy, Ryan. It was a very emotional reunion and remarkably he only lives 11 miles away from her in Henley. So they've promised to keep in touch.

I could go on forever here, but bear with me and I'll upload a few (shed-loads) snaps. I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow!

My wee girl is crazy about penguins. I'm not sure how many she's drunkenly sponsored but this little guy seemed to know her!

 At the zoo's aquarium. Electric blue jellyfish!

Camden's Market Stalls. Unique, punky and chic!

Brad Pitt eat your heart out!  Socket to 'em  professor!

My pal the Pope before he popped off!

My ultimate hunk of wax....a dip into Depp.

Weekend Peeps!

Everyone gathering for Sunday nibbles and wine!

 Me with my beautiful niece, Layla. My twin sister's daughter.

My handsome and gifted nephew, Ashley, (Layla's brother) who attends classical music boarding school.  So proud of him!

The two 'mums'!  James's mum drove down for a visit. It was great seeing her again!

The man of the house, putting up with all that female psycho-babble stuff! Nice earring, Jamesina!

Our Day in Marlow.....!

Our second pub of the day.

This pub had 3D television. It was fookin' brilliant. Me twin and daughtah in utter fascination, here. I actually ducked twice!

All Saints Church in Marlow, where my daughter and James married. We went in for a quick visit (as the pipe organs were being tuned) and I was in awe all over again.

My twin and I in the church's ground, right next to Marlow Bridge as the Thames rippled past.

Me and my twin.

 I could have spent all day at the water's edge. So peaceful.

 My 'ikkle 'grandson', Ryan, with a bopped nose (it wasn't me!). This was my first meeting with him! Such a clever and happy baby.

Kerri with Ryan. Kids adore her, she has a great affinity with the under 3's....! I pray her fertility treatment works soon. She'll be an excellent mum!

And with her best friend, Gemma, and little George who visit her often. Gemma is preggers again so Kek helps out by running after George for her!

Saying Ta-Ra To Me Twin !

This was undoubtedly the hardest goodbye I'd said in years. The twin connection is a bond like no other. It's spooked us out often - especially when we were young, but we've grown to accept it now.

The daughters got bored as the mums reminisced 20 odd years or more!

So they delved into my handbag and amused themselves as thus! They're apparently portraying themselves as 'old sweetie-wives' as me and my twin natter.

So it wasn't long until they ga-ga'd us!

Kerri tried on her new surgery scrubs and gave them instant approval.
She wanted pastel pink ones as they show up blood spatter better! Chin (literally!) up, Kek...!

Kerri hiding as the Domino's Pizza van man approaches with our order! Your treat, young lady!!

My Last Day........*sniff*

Even on our last 'chill' day I 'cheesed' them, but after a few glasses of Chardonnay, Kerri was striking up sarcastic and funny poses again!

The conservatory was amazing. I'd burn to a crisp in seconds in full-on summer! God help the poor window

These stairs led to my favourite section of the house - the music room! All open plan and welcomingly melodic!

I laughed so much at Kerri's dreadful notes on the piano that the photo came back blurry! Your grampa Smith would have loved this room, Kek - and your sense of humour!

 Garden Of Goodbye!   Haste-me-back!
Me posing at the patio table. Many a good barbie has sizzled on this patch, so I'm told. The weather for May in London was well below average and rainy so we had an indoors equivalent!

Here he is.Bertie - our favourite chocolate labrador! Boy can that one piddle.

Bertie and Kerri, running circles round each other and the tree. He managed to control her eventually!

Bertie leashed and ready for his walk.

My girl proving to me that I actually suit a dog and that they're good exercise.......and don't my poor arse and thighs know it!

One thing I have learned more than anything is that I have a beautiful  daughter, inside and out, who with her hubby, James, have worked long and hard in all aspects of life and I can't stress enough how proud of them I am. No airs. No graces. My girl is a pillar of strength to many. So very, very funny, too! I don't think my heart could grow any fonder in her absence as it already is. It'd simply burst.

Big Heaps,


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I've been wondering how your trip was. I'm glad to see that you had a wonderful time!

Blending Families said...

Your photos tell a lot of the wonderful time you had in London. It really makes a difference when you go to a place for pleasure and you have family there. Reunions sum it all up.

kobico said...

I'm so glad your trip went well, and you got to see your stepson, too. Love the Depp photo, you are too funny!

{ I V Y } said...

great pics! looks like funnn!

MarmiteToasty said...

Im just beaming from ear to ear... it sounds and looks like new special memories were made...your family are beautiful..