May 22, 2010

Son, Done and Dusted.........!

funny computer frustration gif avatarGod, what a dust came out of my computer's fan bit! It had been playing up for weeks and the sticking for more than 20 seconds at times sometimes, was well getting on my tits. It was a bigger nightmare when trying to play some music and it 'stuck'. It simulated a machine gun on certain songs and others peaks almost made me howl. Of  course, Mr. Compy lives in PrettyBoys room and he does smoketh and chucketh clothes and things everywhere so whips up a ruddy great cloud that you don't always see settling on the insides of places.

Trying to get a hand from a passing bloke in my house is tricky as they are either working, moaning, gigging,  hungover, studying, yada, yada, yada.......!  They insisted that a professional clean out was in the best interest but was it really that much of an inside job? Was it buck! So I had to go it alone and try 'n' rely on little old me.
Not a great computer boffin generally (I mean I haven't even worked out how to do one of them here thingies that take you to another link) I've been clever enough practically to reckon that the machine is overheating when the fan struggles to spin, and on checking this there was a thick layer of dusty stuff!

 Couldn't be arsed to take the whole side of the hard drive off, so I accessed the fan through the the holes in the vent.  I used barbeque skewers and twisted damp cotton wool tips round the ends of them, titled the hard drive to balance against the wall and with the aid of a torch, carefully and precisely swabbed off the layers of dust and dirt, and extracted the lumps so gently off the fan and attached vent, gently eeking the swabs of dirt back through the holes. Viola. After an hours cleaning the machine (for now) is working like a dream. Faster and cooler.

It'd cost me £35 to have this done in my local repair shop. Hang your head out the window in smokey-shame PrettyBoy....!! God knows what lives under that bed....!

ps.......I have no idea why the text colour is changing during paragraphs...........! Oh, well. Can't win 'em all!


Anonymous said...

I never realized before how much dust can get inside your computer! My old hard drive fried because of it...I always mad sure I dusted the computer down...I live in a desert...very dusty! Now I know to use that air duster to clean the inside out every 3 months!

I love your guy killing himself with the computer! That was great!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Ugh. Cleaning. I hate maintaining things ya know? Its always messy. :)

kobico said...

Like Christiejolu, I use canned air to clear the dust from my fans. I live in an old, dusty house between a rail line and a major freeway, so the dust here is very sooty and collects extremely quickly!

MarmiteToasty said...

I hope you unplugged the machine whilst skewering it lol

the fan on this computer kept kicking in more then usual so I took the hoover to it and bingo it stopped lol


Lena said...

lol....It's amazing what a little suck and blow can achieve.....!