April 08, 2010

Blast From The Past.....40 Odd Years

I needed to go pee today as I was half-way round the supermarket.  It was the first time I had used the new toilets there and wasn't ready for the latest hand drier installment.  Normally I avoid looking in the highly illuminated mirror for fear of catching a glimpse at aging old me. But the drier was on the mirror's side and did that for me nonetheless.  The skin on the back of my hand flapped and rippled with vengeance. Elasticity departing. And no anti-aging hand cream is ever gonna bring it back.

I quite like the idea of the below drier. Shame about the boring old theme tune when there are so many toilet-related songs that would suffice. Mind you, it would go down a bomb in the Ladies on Singles Night as the mascara runs and stains their cheeks and glitter tops. The last few notes, however, would be worth the smell of carbolic wafting around me.

Any song you think might do...?


PurestGreen said...

I hate catching sight of myself in the mirror. But if there was a singing hand dryer nearby maybe I wouldn't mind so much.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's awesome! I've always loved those things too-good for the environment. Lol

Anonymous said...

I would like to order the singing toilet seat please...you know the one that plays, "Singing in the Rain" while the lady of the house tinkles.

LOL, :) Lisa

PS Thanks for the follow!

kobico said...

I've always avoided looking at myself in the mirror, too! And I really should do it more, because more often than not, I have smeared makeup.

I have to say that some of the new, high-powered hand dryers kind of scare me with their initial blast!

Lena said...

lol.....Toilet seats are amazingly themed these days! I saw one that had razor blades embedded into the clear rubber! Ladies, I can remember the musical potty. Thought my daughter was getting the hang of things until the little madam clicked on that it wasn't just wee (or poops!) that made it play!

kobico - I too brace myself for the initial blast!

Lena said...

I've come up with a few but my favourite by far is: