April 20, 2010

And I Would Walk 500 Miles........

I've finally arranged my trip to London. On April 30th I will be heading south and staying there for a week.  I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter more than anything but I'll also be making the peace/piece oan jam (I'm taking a plain loaf with me which you can hardly get down there) with my twin sister.  We fell out a few years ago and the thing I couldn't tolerate more than anything was her snobbery. She led a celebrity lifestyle with the occasional celebrity (in her eyes, I happen to think Chris (dia)Rea is a boring twat) and a few others but I blame her ex-husband's influence for the change in her. It's a long story that I won't bore anyone with it but thankfully the normal Scottish lassie, from the less-than-normal council house is back again - still in London - but back again. This is the last fall out we're ever gonna have. What I've learned is that we're too old and stubborn and the time is just zooming past. Before we know it, one will be at the others' funeral lest we make a mad suicide pact over the boys who broke our hearts at high school or the recording we made when we were 16 is unleashed and lobbed on the Internet. I don't think, In The Blue Ridged Mountains Of Virginia, in which we're pitch perfect, needs to resurface.  I was Blondie's biggest fan back then ffs!

My darling daughter, whom I don't blog nearly enough about, (she's shy) has a wonderful schedule for us.  A day in Windsor, a West End show at night that we will be spontaneously deciding on when we're there, I think Madam Tussauds is on the cards too. I want a pic with me with my hands shoved down someones' trousers but knowing my luck they'll be glued on. And a trip to Sea World is top of my list. Underwater life has always fascinated me and to stand under a glass tunnel where fish and marine life are floating up above me will be magnificent. The last time we did that was when Kerri was a tot.

But more than anything, I'm dying to see my baby's new show flat. After years of hard graft, Kerri and her hubby James (who's in my latest Nippy Side pic!) have at last settled into a flat they're happy in. My crafty daughter knows that I'm dying to see it as it sounds fabulicious, but she refuses to post any pictures of it. That I have to do with my own eyes and camera. She knows I'm too damn fussy about leaving the boys to themselves. They'll survive. Here is me and she at our last night out in Glasgow to catch a Casino show....and no, she didn't get me pissed that night!


auntiegwen said...

Have a fab time, wave as you go past me ! x

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Sounds so cool-tell us all about it when you get back!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time!

kobico said...

Oh my, she's tall! I'm glad you and your sister have made amends and are dedicated to making it stick :) Have a wonderful time. Are you flying or taking the train?

Lena said...

Gwen - I'll find one of them giant 'baseball' hands and give it laldy!

Dani - I'll no doubt bore the bloody arse of everyone with the amount of snaps I'll take!

Christie - My guitar IS coming with me!

Kobico - It's worse than that, it's the overnight coach!! I love keeping people awake when I can't sleep......lol

PurestGreen said...

You'll have a great time, I have no doubt.

Each one of your posts there is usually a line that makes me laugh - something that I have come to expect from your unique and creative mind. This time it is this line:

"I want a pic with me with my hands shoved down someones' trousers but knowing my luck they'll be glued on."


Lena said...

PG - Thank you, PG......! Although, I think we are all a long way off from reaching Sock Monkey's views on life. Bless him....lol!

Dutch donut girl said...

Have a great time!
Aw, mother and daughter. Lovely picture.