September 28, 2008

Churches and Plans and Organised Bans.

What a predicament. November is the only chance now that I have to fit in the CLIC Sargent gig. I've had more egg on my face this year than chocolate. Three times I've had to cancel. Twice through teenagers' troubles and a third on personal choice. It has given me the time to come up with a few ideas on how to raise more dosh. And I've come up with this one.........

As my son (PrettyBoy) is the most handsome thing this side of the universe, he is to act as chief fund raiser in a 'pound a snog' scenario. He will be, in between drumming in every band that night apart from The Signals, through in the pool room filling up a charity tin while swapping saliva with the feeble and the willing. It will also partly make up for the amount of dig money he forgets to hand over. Well, it is for charity! Any body wearing Status Quo tee shirts will also be banned from the pool room - or any room for that matter and no covers will be tolerated either. I don't mean cushion covers as anything remotely Quo is on par with pensioners past times, washables and matter of utter priority. I mean from band members. This is being made decisively clear!

This December I will be heading south for my great niece's baptism. Little Kelsey, mentioned in my deleted archives, is to get the full works. I've never had any of mine Christened and I'm looking forward to it. Churches have only seen my presence at school activities, and the odd jumble sale and of course, weddings. I might even be tempted to renew my wedding vows. Actually, I've caught my husband on numerous occasions watching our wedding video, bless him. In reverse. He particularly likes the bit where I give him back the ring, he dashes down the aisle, gets into the car and fucks off. How else do you account for the tears in his eyes at the time?

Till later then, folks......


auntiegwen said...

If you let me know when and it's either a Friday or a Saturday, myself and eldest beautiful daughter want to be there, we 're on a gig thing at the mo !

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Just popped by after you left such a nice comment on my blog. great laugh especially the it about the hubby playing your wedding videa in reverse and fucking off! great swtuff.

Neil said...

Found you. Will write more later. Our PA system is very basic so may not be all you're expecting.

Oh, and we may be doing covers whilst wearing Quo t-shirts. Seriously!

Jannie Funster said...

Did that wedding day thing really happen?? Methinks ye jest.

Hey, I'm 44 too and a songwriter, found your blog under the "Songwriting" tag on Blogger.

My only child is only 7 tho, far from the spit-swapping years yet(I dearly hope.)

Jannie in Texas.

Jannie Funster said...

Lena! those links you left on my "I Need A Man With A Chainsaw" post did not work, luckily I was able to retrace my steps to find you again! Yay! Now I'll put you in my favs to not lose you.

Appreciated your sense of humor on the money on the bra thing. :)

P.S. I did add those MP3s to said Chainsaw post.