October 06, 2008

Little Lord Laughalong.

My youngest, Adam, 14, went back to primary school today. No, not because he's as thick as shit, but for work experience as part of his high school education. His job for this week is PA to the Administration corridor's staff rooms. He was lucky to get the position as it was mostly sought after by girls and had around 40 interested all together. But little smart ass got the job!

His day started by being shown to his room and basically, he manned the telephones, made tea, took dictation, made coffee, welcomed visitors, made more tea, helped the nurse with a head injury, made coffee, and so on. At one point he had a quick game of cards with the janitor!

All his old teachers welcomed him greatly. At lunchtime the women made him sit with them at the staff room dining table and were asking him all the embarrassing questions. Has he a girlfriend, and what high school subjects he's taken and rejected,ect. One, Mrs, Russell, came up to him and gave him a cuddle saying..."I'd never forget that face - how are you, ROSS?" ....his older brother! Egg on face time for one teacher, but by the end of the school day it was all smiles, charm and high-fiving the teachers! Mind you, the little boy in infants who had 'had an accident' slightly brought him down to primary earth! All in all, he enjoyed day one. Home half an hour earlier, too!

So, a future in education of some sort for Adam, maybe? That I wouldn't mind. Perhaps he'd be able to teach himself how to get from the side of his bed to the washing machine with them dirty boxers, then....? Hmmmmm......we'll see.......!


auntiegwen said...

I wish I'd stayed at primary school, it's all downhill after 12

Jannie Funster said...

Since our education system is different over here, what ages are primary? The only primary I am familiar with, in Montessori it's 3 to 5 year olds.

Beat out 40 girls, eh? Must be quite the clever cat! Handsome too I bet.

The Jannie
P.S. Leonard Cohen emailed!!! Kinda. On the money in a bra post. I'd a never taken him for the bra type. But ya just never know do ya?

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

C'mon your boy will become a man - he will never find his way from the bedroom floor to the washing machine - ever. Get over it and move on! As for his ay at primary school - he must have felt so grown up. Great story.