September 19, 2008

Best Laid Plans....!

It's a nightmare. In two weeks' time I should be hosting my charity gig for CLIC Sargent. Now the band that I was relying on to supply me with the PA system have gone their separate ways. The system has gone south, in the same direction as a band member. Thank you, Synergy, for leaving me in the lurch so close to the date. I do have a glimmer of hope in that James from Homegrown Studio's is doing his damndest to get me one in time for the gig - and is trying to supply the system and technician for free on the night. Had Ma Boayz went to Homegrown Studio's to start with to record their new demo, rather than the idiot one they were made to go to, they would have had their own system bought in with their prize money. Oh, the irony.! To top it all, today I left the printer on automatic as tickets were being printed and the black ink ran out! I now do not need that haircut for the show as I'm almost bald!!

I've never seriously prayed in my life but I'll be down on my knees tonight!! If anyone fancies a tin-rattling or busking session in the High Street, give us a shout! Mind you, my back garden is rather big.....hmmmmmm!


auntiegwen said...

Good luck with the PA system, and I'm sure no one would mind your garden, after all it'd for charity !

Shaky said...

All I can do is wish you luck and hope that your hair grows back LOL LOL You have got to stop pulling it out LOL