September 16, 2008

It's Official - I'm An Old Fogey

Today, I went bramble picking. While McScrooge still hasn't any fishing plans, he's getting very fed up with daytime TV. Actually, there is only so many Bravo TV, Chuck Norris codswallop one can take. Why he can't just grab a quick cuppa over 'Loose Women' I'll never know! Anyhow, in an attempt to make me a 'better' cook, and a 'fitter' wife (physically!) we tried to regress back to the methods of long ago.

This very long 'shortcut' close to my house and along the railway line, is absolutely filled with bramble bushes and we both remembered picking them as children with our parents which resulted in delicious crumbles and pies ect. So McScrooge reckoned we go and pick some on the way home from our long walk. And we did just that. How did I feel.....? Like a right tit actually - but it was fun. A bit mushy with the wet weather, we collected quite a bag full. However, protection is needed in 3 areas here.

1. Make sure you wear enough padding on your sleeve area - they'll lance you given half the chance!
2. Bring rubber gloves otherwise you'll have purple stained fingers and you don't wanna be explaining how you've dyed.
3. Make sure you leave the very healthy, fat and juicy ones at the bottom of the bush well alone, as every local dog has pissed on them! Chest height upwards is fine.

My biggest thrill was the looks from passing cars at my red and purple, gooey, mushy surgical gloves I was wearing, but I keep litter on me until I'm home. Oh, yes. I'm very green when I'm any colour! But the result....? One rather easy-peasy Bramble and Apple Crumble (notice how I use capitals with pride here!) that custard or fresh cream compliments wonderfully. Mind you, the kids left half their portions and the seagull got the remainder in the tin the following day.

So, I wonder what else mother nature provides that I could amuse McScrooge with tomorrow......out in public, of course!


auntiegwen said...

You see what I miss cos I'm not married, hot men just take me to gigs !!

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it !

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Great one Lena!
I too remember picked blackberries e.t.c. when I was a child growing up on our visits to the countryside and your text reminded me of my Grandmother's blackberry pie!
Oh and I loved the part about the dog's piss!! hahahahaha