June 15, 2015

Sweet Venom

Poison Ivy on the phone - why can't you leave that man alone?

Infatuation, bold as brass, when they're alone within his class
Padded lips in twisted smile, eyes hypnotic, blue beguile
Manipulator, nonchalant, a marriage-wrecking debutante
Feeling those defences wane, as scents and smirks drive him insane

Poison Ivy on the phone, oh, how those lips and breasts have grown

Cascading hair in shades of gold, all sun-kissed, loved and uncontrolled
Addressing him in gingham frocks, bruise on thigh, and lacy socks
Suffocating steps too close, oh what those deep breaths could disclose and 
Nonesuch mind carries away the guilt he feels on this fine day

Poison Ivy on the phone - those silences you don't bemoan

Her following of wanton boys, whose soul and heart she soon destroys
Fail to sway her thoughts to them, this faceted, relentless gem
Who will not stop and so Hell bent, meaning every word she meant
That satin sheets and softer skin explode new senses deep within

Poison Ivy on the phone, please will you leave that man alone

Too much at risk, so quick to fool, something he never taught at school
So finalise and disengage, this girl around his own one's age
No more detentions, drives and lessons, before things run into confession
Just set aside those rights from wrongs - for we've been married far too long

© Pernickety Nell 2015


Elena Sands said...

Naughty. :-)

^.^ said...

Lovely poem ... reminds of my high school days ... when one of our teachers had a thing for this grade 12 student ... everybody knew, but nobody said anything ... until she became preggers by him ... Love, cat.

Anonymous said...


DEE DEE said...

Seductive. Nice post

Helen said...

This is a winner!

Theresa Milstein said...

Bad seducer! This was fun to read.

Berowne said...

Those silences you don't bemoan - nice!

Kathe W. said...

good one! excellent!

Kutamun said...

Electric, Electra !

Maria said...

Nice work! Some people never learn.

Maggie Jean said...

You are good, lassie. Love it.

Helen said...

Goodness gracious, aren't you the creative one!! Love this.

Jinksy said...

I love the way your words lilt and sing, even when a subject is rater dire!