June 20, 2015


I know I shouldn't mock but I can't get over how many blokes (particularly in our  male dominated family) are terrified of spiders.  I'm the chief spider catcher of the house, quite happy to pick them up and cup them in my hands for safe ejection as I don't allow any  'pidies to be killed indoors.  I've had many a panic-induced, mushy stain left over carpet and wall.  Of course, I understand that spiders can be dangerous in many countries but not ours and trying even to get them being thankful for that alone still didn't gain them any respect!  But overall, apart from the odd cobweb, what real harm do they do?

My older son, PrettyBoy, a Serco Security Guard, who as a child of 5 or 6 would have sat through The Exorcist and take on board that it's only a film  (he didn't so get those receivers down before you dial that Childline number!)  is still not keen in shooing them. 

But, PeaPod, my sensitive 21 year old,  whose friends and he I've chased many a time up the garden with 'pidie-in-closed-hand, is so arachnophobic that he states even the very name 'spider'  is frightening enough and now wants to refer to them as  'intruders'.

Fair do's.  But here's hoping he's not got a bedroom window open when screaming 

  ''Help - there's an intruder in my room!'  

Wonder how he'd explain that one to the police!


^.^ said...

Funny indeed, how they run from spiders and things ... a few years ago we had a bat in our house ... and guess who was hiding under the covers ??? ... and guess who had to escort the bat outside ??? ... ya ... Love, cat.

Jon said...

Ironically, I have several female friends who do exactly what you do - they capture indoor spiders and safely transport them outside. So what the hell is this bizarre female desire to rescue and rehabilitate spiders?????

There are only three things that absolutely terrify me: scorpions, spiders, and tornadoes - - and spiders are first on my Terror List. When I encounter them I'm no longer a man - - I'm less than a mouse.

anne marie in philly said...


Geo. said...

Oh to live in a land without dangerous spiders! Here in California nearly everyone has been nearly killed or worse by Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders. Happily, these creatures are clearly marked and very shy of people, but are often encountered in woodsheds --they receive no mercy. Wolf Spiders are the most ostentatious home intruders here, but despite their hugeness and wooly aspect are easily captured with a cup and card and returned to the great outdoors. Only critters I grab barehanded are treefrogs who are always grateful to be returned to the garden --which they express by peeing on one's hand before hopping away. Funny old world.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Spiders are welcome in my house since the hunt and kill those pesky and annoying mosquitoes. Are you happy to pick up these spiders as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK4KxKNqBbQ?