June 26, 2015

A Right Tough Mudder

I would like to give a huge 'Well Done' to my son Ross (PrettyBoy) and his workmates at the hospital,  who helped in raising a cool two and a half million pounds. They  faced a 12 mile assault course that had a range of brutal obstacles, including iced underwater cage, barbed wire crawl every mile,  electric shock pass through, artificial enema,  rat drop and more mud than a hippo would need in a lifetime!  It took the guys just over 4 hours to complete the task.

The annual event, called the Tough Mudder Challenge, is growing every year, and I believe America has an even more extreme version of the course.  The majority of the cash raised is for the Help For Heroes Military charity that helps both the wounded and widowers' families effected from Afganistan soldiers and aid workers during conflicts.

I've popped up a few snaps (including one of his cut and scraped knee caps), in pride of Ross and his friends who trained hard for the event.  Full course finishers were awarded a T-Shirt and other little keepsakes.  So congrats to all you tough mudder fudders!   I'd start training for the next summer event now if I were you guys!

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^.^ said...

My son is similar to yours, at least when it comes to exercise ... me thinks they would get along just fine ... just looking at the pics, they could be brothers ... so proud of yours and mine ... and congrats to you on your new grandson, Helena ... Love, cat.