June 07, 2015

☼ Depressive Dan? ☼

He wanders round the tenements 
all broken glass and dust
Pride's gone out the window
hard to cope and readjust

No jobs or second chances
just the mighty hand of fate
Who clips you round the lughole
if your patience fails to wait

A trail of pure stagnation
answers economic fuss
Not many other topics 
for the worried to discuss

Houses held in high regard
now derelict and damp
Wall to wall frustrations
in the glow of spirit lamps

Fingers crossed for food banks
and offers to wet nurse
What's the point of popping off those clogs
you can't afford a hearse!

Hunger pangs and ulcers
colds attacking to the core 
Be glad of stuffy noses 
now that hygiene's out the door!

Everyone in equal wanton
stuck like glue to the same spot 
Where it matters not an inkling
if you're family or not

So, what held these folks together
down this cold and bitter path
The belief in healing music
the capacity to laugh

Life throws misfortune at you
hurls your beating heart downhill
Flirty notes and sense of humour then......
they'll never break your will

© Pernickety Nell  2015



Elena Sands said...

Sad subject, nicely written. :-)

Maria said...

Humor is essential. Nicely done.

brudberg said...

I like how you focused so much on the background.. to find something else in the image than the man in the birdbath.

Wall to wall frustrations
in the glow of spirit lamps

and then at the end, adding the splash of humor so essential to cope instead of thinking of the hearse.

rel said...

So true; with a smile and a laugh we weather the storms of life.

Jenny Woolf said...

Yes, depression is the opposite of what you need in a Depression. Great poem!

Berowne said...

Beautifully written and you end on an encouraging note. Well done.

Kathe W. said...

well written with a positive note at the end.

DEE DEE said...

Beautifully put

Bekkie Sanchez said...

You made me giggle at the title but that was put down quickly by your poignant words. Loved the form, the rhyme the subject and the timing a delightful write for such a current affair. Hugs!

Kutamun said...

The best medicine indeed ...

~T~ said...

A guitar is just what he needed! Poignant write.