June 29, 2015

Dawg Gone Cat

               Soon as I saw the empty food dish I went into leaving-your-pet-too-long mode!  Get a sitter or a walker...!!

Hey! Cat -you've got the freedom to go out and hunt your own
while I can't get my dinner till my owner's come on home
You think your so superior with slinky-slanty eyes
but I've a bite so snappy and with quick and clean surprise!

And I'm not all that choosy as to who would taste my bite
so you're lucky you're in on your own this fine and hungry night
I guess I'll go and have a gnaw at that old bone again
but it's not as near as filling as my meat and biscuit grain

I wonder where they really go when they're home late from work
they take so long then wonder why I go a bit berserk......
So think your damn self lucky you've the freedom of the place
and wipe that smarmy feline-scowl off of your pretty face!

 *            *              *          *

Hey! - Dog - you think it's lucky to be out there in the world
that I'm always happy here indoors all fed and warm and curled?
Have you ever tried to catch your own? How perfectly absurd!
Takes the strength of Cleopatra to catch either mouse or bird!

No! It's not a nice place out there, you're not always treated right
that is the reason most cats wait to go out late at night
But I'm longing till they're back too - I'm hungry just like you
if only we had thumbs and learned to twist that opener too!

Yes I know from where your coming, such a long and fearful wait
till we hear the engine of that car, or squeaking of that gate
But i think it's time for protest and a little bit of grit
pick your corner brother, and let's drop a real big shit!



Jon said...

I can fully relate to this one, with three cats in my house. Funny!

brudberg said...

Totally believable - and that envy so deep.

Helen said...

Hello kitty! Hello doggy! Quite clever, as your writing is ~ consistently!

Anonymous said...

there's a huge dollop in the corner of the pic too! lol

Rosey Pinkerton said...

Brilliant - I'm still smiling.
Rosey Pinkerton's blog

Elena Sands said...

Nice write. I see that we did travel down the same road. Hey, you what they say...great minds thing alike. ;-)

DEE DEE said...

Hey nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. love your blogs.

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Sun Bloom said...

To each his own, Kitty and Doggy. :)

Tess Kincaid said...

This was great...enjoyed the contrasting points of view...

Rashmi karthik said...

Hey Helen
Nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award'. Love your blogs. *Hugs*
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ANNA said...

Te dejo mi blog de poesia por si quTe dejo mi blog de poesia por si quieres criticar gracias.
Me gusta mucho el tuyo.