March 29, 2014


The clocks in the UK go forward tonight - so that's a whole hour less for Mother's Day.  Yes, a whole hour quicker in receiving my Cards (most likely a bear theme as with most years)  shop-wrapped Chocolates or early Easter egg from late opening or early opening Sunday stores with now limited stock.  Flowers (from the overnight petrol station or neighbours' garden (depending on how drunk and brave they get).  They're far too scared to knock-off a cemetery in the dark or live with any 'consequent' hauntings  I might even be blessed with my older son bringing his wee growly doggie with him tomorrow to let ' Grunji ' (the mongrel equivilant of a granny) take him for walkies while the footie's on!  The dog know's  the routine you know!  The only saving grace will be the card that my daughter sends - she always put her heart into finding appropriate ones ......even if she does  use her work's stamp to post it!!

Oh, where have the days of self-made cards, ripped with glitter and pasta shells, the poems and messages - even the one where Adam apologised for not buying me a gun that year - and the daffodils and tulips picked nicked from the blind corner at the garden centre  from surrounding woodlands, gone?

If I'm not up by say, 3pm tomorrow,  just leave the stuff at my bedroom door guys........with the tray of breakfast goodie's and my Simon Baker DVD collection.  Ach! I love them really (the kids not the DVD's - that goes without saying).   Neecht Neecht........!

ps.......British 'summertime'?  Still keep your brass monkeys indoors or make sure they get an even heavier groin rub with Duraglit!


Jon said...

The clocks here in the U.S. went forward nearly three weeks ago and I'm still not used to it. It's an annoyingly useless idea.

Our Mother's Day doesn't arrive until May. I admittedly envy the chocolates, gifts, and cards. Especially the chocolates....

Happy Mother's Day!

musicwithinyou said...

WHAT!!! I didn't realize we spring forward before others. So not fair!! Trust me we all been doing our rant for weeks now. There's even a petition we can sign to try and get a bill to do away with daylight savings. lol just shows how much we hate it.
I love learning about other nationalities celebrations. I never even thought that others celebrated Mothers Day on a different day.
Happy Mother's Day