March 22, 2014

Adapting To Adopting

  My girl and her hubby have very much accepted that pregnancy, be it natural or fertility oozed, is not going to happen for them.   James has conquered testicular cancer and Kerri was given the diagnosis of her polycystic ovaries a few years ago.   Despite extensive and expensive treatment, the results have been disappointing and draining.

Recently, they passed phase one of their application for adoption.   I'm so very proud of them both for accepting their own unfortunate findings and still have the heart, love and longing for parenthood.   Then again, I kinda believe in miracles, too!  Love ya's!




anne marie in philly said...

my niece and nephew-in-law are also adopting; my niece was born with messed-up baby-making parts.

so we sit back and wait.

~T~ said...

There are many kinds of miracles. Hope it goes well!