May 04, 2013


Staggering!  Yes, staggering.  The amount of crap The Cheaper Half says I store.  I may not be quite as enthusiastic as the hoarders you see on TV but how could anyone bin this...?

This postcard arrived in an envelope with an adult hand written address on it lest it never getting here at all. It's from my son's best friend, Oliver who was six at the time and taking a break in the Highlands with his family.  I simply adore the spelling.  That's the magic bit!


These kind of things, through the ages, I have stuffed-full suitcases with. All in a cupboard next to the window in the very unlikely event of a fire. Both lads are 19 now and neither Adam or Oliver remembered the card.  Boy, are some in for a surprise on my demise!  Oh, yes, I'm a major bucket-dodger me! The girl just can't help it.



Jon said...

It's a charming postcard and the spelling is priceless. I'll have to admit that I'm a "saver". Nearly everything seems to have sentimental value to me.

Kathe W. said...

I adore this card....and the child who wrote it years ago...simply priceless and thanks so much for your ever so nice comments ...cheers!

FireLight said...

I am right there with you, Miss Helena! When it comes to little things tucked away....especiallly relating to my sons...I have it! Thank you for stopping by my rather anemic blog...I need to get it on some kind of vitamin therapy!
I just adore Lovejoy! Have you seen "Lady Jane" in Downton Abbey? God bless her, now she is head housekeeper there!