May 28, 2013

IVF-ing Good Luck....!

My baby goes today for her IVF implant. The eggs fertilized first time and are set to nestle. She's had a bit of an uncomfortable time with the fertility treatment but she got there!  I can't begin to say how lucky a little bambino would be to have parents like Kerri and James. They both humble me. What a happy blessing and wondrous journey it would be to be raised by them. And what an extended family of delightful nutters to be protected and surrounded by!
Mother Nature wasn't quite doing her job when their paths crossed and science has had to intervene. But MY baby can take on Lady Luck, too. She's a bit of an all rounder you see, not afraid of much. Not even second attempts. As for me, I'll be crossing everything that's physically possible and maybe just give The Big Man a little palm call.  I know he also specialises in a mini miracle..........or two.  †

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Other Mary said...

Awwww - best of luck to you all!

Geo. said...

Best wishes on this hope for the best of futures.

Anonymous said...

Hey - you'll be pushing a tartan-clad pram round the streets of London before you know it!

Are you able to make it on Friday? ♫