January 16, 2012

Strike Me Blue

Join the ones in wonderment
Saviours of the sea
Where women steer a waterwheel
And bring a hush to thee

Aquarians with tidal rings
A surface to evade
A feat Houdini faltered with
In stony masquerade

No mermaid nor Neptunian
Could ride the waves of time
A calling for eternity
To challenge the sublime

Gathered in the sparkle
In femmes of old and new
Awaiting for the wonderment
To come and strike me blue.

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Daydreamertoo said...

LOL Better than strike me pink! LOL
Very lyrical, and lovely.

Sue said...

I've only participated in Magpie Tales a couple of times, but I'm enjoying it, Strike Me blue included...


Claudia said...

smiles..i like that you weave houdini in this... (line 4 you have "and" twice) enjoyed your rhymes..

Kathe W. said...

nicely done-especially like the last verse!

Brian Miller said...

nice layers to this lena...houdini is a nice touch...also wonderment, i think we let go of too much wonder you know...

Other Mary said...

Strike me blue - that's great. Love all your watery references!

thingy said...

I absolutely love the first four lines. Just terrific.

Carrie Burtt said...

Helena this is glorious! :-)

teri said...

"Hey, hey" - says the blogger from across the pond. Just saying I enjoyed your Magpie contribution, and appreciate the blogger love over at my place. I look forward to further words using Tess's images.

Nicholas V. said...

I like the superposition of images in your poem, Lena and all of the mythological and astrologica allusions. Great Magpie!

Helen said...

Tone, cadence ... just delightful!

Kirsty said...

Hi Helen - still no tumblin I see..! Is this Hotel up and running yet?

....nice poem by ra by.....etc...!

Anonymous said...

She's a hard woman to track down sometimes, Kirsty!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention driving a hard bargain!

susan m hinckley said...

I thought the Houdini reference was so perfect with this prompt. Nice!

Helena said...

Daydreamertoo - thanks. I quite fancied the colour exchange!

Sue - that is very kind of you.

Claudia - thank you so much (and for the 'grammar hint'. I often need correcting and it's nice to get the chance to fix it!

Kathe - the last verse took me all of 30 seconds. A miracle for a me 'finisher'.

Brian - Thank you. I'm an Aquarian and a right water babe. I could stay in a pool forever, me!

Mary - I really am at my happiest submerged.

Thingy - they took me about 40 seconds to compile - another miracle!

Carrie - thanks. I enjoyed this one!

Teri - lol.....I give 'Hey Hey's each week. There's always stunning, breathtaking pieces as well as humorous and touching work to be hey'd at!!

Nick - I'm a terrible tamperer of images, although the change is sometimes hard to spot - but it's there! Thank you for your kind words!

Ah, Helen - always a delight to receive a comment from you.

Susan - thank you. I can always remember reading of his amazing feats as a child. His underwater one always bamboozled me!

Helena said...

Kirsty - just click on the pic and it'll take you to their facebooky page. There's a gig on my birthday on the 26th if you want to try come along (bugger the bingo!).

Ommy-nomminous - HA! See! That's what it's like......merry Xmas.....lol..xx

Deborah said...

This is wonderful to read, beautifully done!

Isabel Doyle said...

We are all swimmers, even if we've forgotten our gills. Great response to the prompt.