January 30, 2012

Kadinsky's Artyfarty................

Colours collide and they then make a slide
Angles of sharp and of length
Busy and bold, from a heart uncontrolled
Shouting out with a palate of strength 

Such visions from him on his creative whim
Unique for the time of his era
Threw these shapes in your face, would you tamper or taste?
Lines obey and the loud hang together

For years I've been staring, my eyes yet declaring
Some new nook or cranny in frame
As my backside goes numb, either side of my bum
Glow with indents and partly from shame

Now I'm hot and I'm sweating, and holey regretting
Hanging Wassily on my bog door
Was just here to sit, while attempting to sh*t
But the print you just cannot ignore...!! 

Is it weird then to have, a masterpiece in your lav
That gets more views than would in the hall?
In the great name of art, when you let off a fart
Try Kandinsky hung on your loo wall!


Helen said...

The word impacted comes to mind ... this was truly funny.

Brian Miller said...

happy belated birthday...and this was a toot...i mean a hoot...i dunno i would not mind something like this to pass the time while...well you know...ha

Deborah said...

Brilliant!! :D

Nicholas V. said...

LOL! Good one!
Wonderful things can contemplated in the loo...

Trellissimo said...

This reminded me - we had a photo of Randolph Scott on our loo wall when I was a nipper - I won it in a painting competition, believe it or not! :)

Kirsty said...

....this typifies you to the pan!! lol tut honestly!

Little Nell said...

Very funny! That’s Number two (if you’ll pardon the pun) of your NY resolutions accomplished then!

Lyn said...

"Would you tamper or taste"?...great line! Many artists deserve the loo!! That's a compliment..

Stafford Ray said...

Good place for it, a sure cure for the constipation!