June 13, 2011

Safely Home

To be wrapped in love was all I ever wanted,
a place where I'd fit and belong
Cosied up safe and warm from those that once taunted,
where I'd be the soul of the song

No-one else, yes, just I with echoing vibrance,
within walls that can't penetrate sound
Needn't worry about the first or the last dance,
for only I am all around.

I just enter and exit from the spot where it's creaking,
no finery hung on the walls
An oubliette, (though quite gracious) in a manner of speaking,
straight home with no carpeting halls.

Oh, I'd so love to live in a place or a bubble,
the resident being only I
Where I don't have to simulate happy, contentment,
where I'm able to cry and to cry

All I wanted was some-one confirming that I, 
with no delusions of grandeur intent.....
Was worth the air that I breathe, the space when I sigh,
a chance to make her suppliment

But I'm safe on my own, make no judgements, no mistakes,
while I'm tucked away neat in a shell
At least then I know - when it's time for life's hard aches,
it's just me that the boot of life quells

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Tess Kincaid said...

The boot of life. I love that.

thingy said...

This is my favorite write from you. Sigh...

~T~ said...

Not just you. Hope you're feeling better.

Other Mary said...

You are worth the air and the space :o) Touching write, I can relate. Also, I really like what you did with the pic! Thanks for reading mine as well.

Helen said...

OK, I am crawling into my safe, beautiful, shell now.

Lolamouse said...

"for only I am all around..." I know that craving well. This was a beautiful but sad poem. The eye was a bit creepy, though!

Elaine said...

Nice. I really enjoyed.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Magnificent write.

Anna :o]

bharat chandran said...

Lets live for a moment in a bubble
Whose life time is just a second
Lets not simulate happiness
For let the bubble cheer you up..
Though just for a second
And provide you the air and space
Which you are definitely worth for!

Jingle said...

perfect story.

helen lee said...

'worth the air that I breath, the space where I sigh'

love that line.

Thanks for visiting :~)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job I spent so much of my life in my own little shell, in my own world. Well I am still in my own world but I've let other's in too. Wonderful use of prompt