November 06, 2010

That Damned Rooster......

This week's prompt took me straight back to a day out with the kids when they were small. This rooster-like bird kept chasing me, blessed thing. All I can assume is it was jealous of my hair or something. Anyhow, here's the Magpie. Remember to look for the Magpie link on my sidebar if you fancy joining in......

We once went to a farm yard park
To pass away the day
Let the children feed our furry friends
With pellets, fruit and hay

I enjoyed the country smell and noise
The little lambs and ducks
Till a feathered git, drew eyes like slits
Didn't give a flying f-hoot.

I remember that mad rooster
Hackled feathers all aglow
Took an instant hatred to me
Reason..? Well, I'll never know.

Ran like crazy straight towards me
As I sat upon a bench
Squawking like a maniac
In cock-a-doodle French.

He took offense at my new shoes
Stabbed with quick sharp pecks
And popped his head right up my skirt
Could have wrung it's scrawny neck...!

I tried in vain to shoo him
But his sights were set on me
Everywhere the lady ran
Around the grass and trees......

I swore and shouted at the pest
To leave me well alone
There were better things to peck at
I was merely skin and bone

I threw it corn, I threw the shoe
Refrained him not a jot
He was Hell bent on pursuing me
I had had my blummin' lot!

So I quickly gathered up the kids
(Who were laughing at my fear)
And shouted out quite fretfully
'Get me away from here...!'

I ran into the gift shop
The rooster kept it's distance
It won the battle, I was gone
Away from it's persistence

And ever since that awful day
The meals I've liked the most
Are the ones with lots of gravy
For a massive chicken roast.....


Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

revenge is best served roasted :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Freaky! who would've thought roosters (of all farm animals) would be the devious ones!

Brian Miller said...

haha. loved it...a flying f-hoot...teehee...

Anonymous said...

A lovely tale well told

little hat said...

a rollicking litle yarn that rips along. Ahhhh! Revenge is sweet. And I believe best served cold?

Anonymous said...

Can just picture you trying to shake-off the Persistent One :) , enjoyed the read.

Lena said...

Rene - and don't I know it...though the kids are getting fed up with chicken......bwaaack!

Dani - that b*****d gave me palpitations. I still don't know why he singled me, though my daughter thinks it's something to do with my polka-dot skirt....

Brian - when have I ever typed the four-letter-rhyme....?

Lena said...

marousia - it still haunts me....

little hat - the only chicken I wouldn't have wanted on a plate was

nima - if only we have afforded a video camera back then....!

Helen said...

A Magpie you can read to children ... so well written!

Lena said...

Helen - Well, I'm the biggest kid of our mob.....

Rabbit said...

This is tremendous! I love it.

Tumblewords: said...

Terrific - frightening - a 'herd' of geese once chased me and gave me nightmares for years. :)

Jingle said...

you made it,
so lovely done.

rel said...

I'd have liked to see that fray! :)

Stafford Ray said...

Noaw that's a REAL poem!
Except... I take issue with this line.
'Didn't give a flying f-hoot'.
That language is unbecoming a poet of your calibre. There is one too many beats in the line!
BTW, you should get awards for best comments! Love 'em!

Lena said...

Rabbit - I'll be running back to your blog soooon!

Tumble - I know the feeling - as fresh as an Easter chick is the memory of my pursuer - 15 years later.....!

Lena said...

hey Jingle - pop back on Sat to your new blog!

Rel - you brave man!

Stafford - poet with my caliber more like (I'd have to hold them up to make them read them...!)

You know I keep my best comments for you..!