November 15, 2010


Here is Casino (my older son's band) with their new single, Starlight. It still has to be mixed and mastered yet, but this one's a catchy little number. The boys are working hard to get their next recording complete and polished so there will be another single (Hey Fella) up with this one for their fans in time for Xmas.

This recording has been made by me via a shit Fujifilm camera (and my very 'steady' hold in front of the monitor screen) and a random bunch of gig, home and fun pics with the band members. I've added the lyrics as the recording is a little muffled at bits. Enjoy.......

Stalight Unmixed

Helen | Myspace Video

I saw her at the Starlight
That place where the people go.
Don't remember much of that night
I was way up high, she was down low.
I took her up to my hide
I asked "are you okay?" and she said 'no'.
I could see that she was tongue-tied,
Tighter than the string on Cupid's bo-ow-ow-ow-ow.

I hit her with my best lines
Tried to crack the wall, but I couldn't get through.
She let out a deep sigh
I said "I'll leave right now, it's up to you".
She pushed me to a quiet place
Away from the beaten track.
And every change on her face
With all these coughs and sighs, should I turn ba-a-a-a-ack.

# Is she a friend to me..?
Is the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she the friend to me....?
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she a friend to me...?
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah

I saw her in the daylight
The though it crossed my mind to catch her eye
I could see I wasn't her type.
She looked me up and down and walked on by.
As for all the things that she said
She wasn't quite as plain as you can see
What was going on in her head
Was she the friend or the enemy

#Is she a friend to me
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she a friend to me
Is the enemy, yeah, yeah.
Is she a friend to me
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah..........blah, blah, blah.....


Scumbag Sam said...

I LOVE this new song. It's so good, lyrics and music is so good! I want to download it so I can listen to it more! Once its all done, be sure to link it too!!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's so brilliant!

Anonymous said...

helen....will casino be bringing in new year at king tuts again? i was buzzing last year, what an atmoss....