November 17, 2010

Stood Still

You stood for lorn against the wall
in the age of water and oils.
Saw time expand, mellow and grand
as you 'tocked your outer toils.

Speechless, though a talking point
to everyone who entered.
Mahogany with golden trim
gracefully you tenured.

A solid base that held you still
proudly and erect.
Yet ticked away your own demise
oblique, willful neglect.

For all the eyes you catered for
and all the ears that listened.
Anointed with a soothing base
denied your right to glisten.

For who cares for a time piece
that calls past Centuries? 
Not quite fitting in a plan
with adequate degree

You stood there proudly serving
till the young hereditary
Chose digital and lazer beams
domestical contrary.

Alas you wait with artifact
collections in the attic.
To be destroyed, nil and void,

Farewell my timeless beauty,
finite in its clutch.
Oh, the stories you could tell
without hands or Newtons touch


Teresa said...

What a great take on the prompt--I love your descriptions here.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This was amazing! A timeless timepiece-I like that idea. :)

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

I love how you used time references as expressions like you've "Tocked out" very very clever!

Helen said...

Tick tock ... you rock!

Lena said...

Ladies - you are too kind and it's about time I told you so.....!

Rabbit said...

This is so sad...

Loved it.

And thanks for your comment on mine. Much appreciated.

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

Hey Lena I forgot to tell you earlier what ever you did to the Magpie pic is amazing!!! just gorgeous!

Tumblewords: said...


willow said...

Excellent. I enjoyed the rhyme pattern here. Well done.

Reflections said...

Timeless timepiece... standing erect. Truly beautiful piece of time!

Blasé said...

I agree with Willow...

Jingle Poetry said...

stunning imagery.
glad to discover your poetry talent

Jingle Poetry said...

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