September 07, 2010

In (toilet duck) tion Week

Through until Friday, Prettyboy is attending university for his Induction Week. Where other campers on campus meet and studies and various body parts and tattoos are compared. His first comment to me on his return of day one was "It's a pound a pint at the uni bar!"  Well, at least he's getting his priorities right. And next week, he fends for himself. Thrown into the wonderful Halls of Residence with bills to budget. If the pictures on his phone are anything to go by, it's a very modern and clean university. And if he don't scrub right round the back of the lavatory bowl at least twice a month, he'll be getting his own initiation present from me on my monthly visitor's pass - namely head down the pan and flushed! Oh, Rossi.......time's almost upon us and I've STILL not found those umbilical scissors......


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Here's wishing him luck! LoL!

auntiegwen said...

Same for me, she leaves next Saturday :(

steveroni said...

You write a GREATLY funny--and wise--blog! Cut the cord, Cut the cord. (Being a violinist, I almost wrote: "Cut the CHORD!"

Jingle said...

fun post, best wishes in your life.

Jingle said...

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